Sega: EA Doesn't Know How to Treat Hardcore Gamers

Sega of America president Simon Jeffrey recently critiqued how publisher Electronic Arts has handled the core gamer market.

"EA has always struggled with the hardcore gamer," Jeffery said. "I think they look at Gears of War and Halo and wonder why they can't do that. EA has to do something about that. They have tried on and off over the years. It's just like Activision had to come out from doing hardcore games and do more for the masses."

He noted that core gamers now have different tastes, moving away from lengthy games to games that can be easily picked up and played.

"We are seeing a shift, even in hardcore games, to snackable gaming," noted Jeffrey. "Call of Duty 4 had a shorter single-player campaign and really good multiplayer… Gamers are driven by getting achievements, finishing games, and they want to consume a lot of games."

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TheHater3750d ago

SEGA shouldn't be talking. What have the done for the Hardcore gamers? EA have Madden, which people is pretty hardcore.

NFL 2k5 WTF!!!!!?

Amadeo3750d ago

Madden isn't really a "hardcore" game. It's intricate yes, but it has mainstream appeal. It's PUBLISHED for the masses; it's ENGINEERED for the seasoned player. Because it's the only official NFL game, it's going to attract gamers and non-gamers because it has the NFL stamp on it. And generally speaking, most of Madden's install-base are people who aren't really hardcore gamers in the conventional sense. They're hardcore Madden players, in that Madden's like one of the only three games they own. But these people wouldn't consider themselves hardcore gamers. My barber is an avid Madden player, but he doesn't consider himself a gamer like I would consider myself a gamer.

At this point, I think Sega resents EA a little. He's been mouthing off about EA a lot lately...

sajj3163750d ago

Look at Sega's game portfolio recently ... Ironman and the Incredible Hulk have been disasters. Their top seller is Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. The Club had good hype but was an ok title. The only title that looks interesting is Bayonetta.

LastDance3750d ago

ahhh lovely......."Pick up and play" games, sounds like a thrilling and mentally stimulating future indeed.