Talking Point: Nintendo Can Exploit Its Rich History With More Remasters

Nintendo Life:

The current generation of home console hardware has had an interesting challenge in defining itself as 'next gen'. In the era of Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 Nintendo brought motion controls to the mainstream while its contemporaries placed their focus on HD graphics and a drastic progression in online multiplayer gaming. In this current generation it's been tougher to differentiate hardware beyond raw power. In terms of controls Sony and Microsoft have remained rather constant, while Nintendo made some attempts to promote dual screen gaming and usage of the GamePad, but has ultimately only done so to a fairly limited degree.

When it comes to graphical power, the margins have been less obvious than in the last generation for Sony and Microsoft; objectively the latest current-gen games are a notable step up visually, and open world games are increasingly sizeable and dynamic, but the jump is arguably less dramatic. The same issue has perhaps afflicted the Wii U, to an extent - though there have been undoubted highlights with the big N's franchises being in HD for the first time, those with other systems will perhaps gaze upon the Wii U's visuals with less wonder. Naturally there are a number of beautiful and wonderfully realised gaming experiences across all systems, with some examples where gameplay has tested new ground, but it's perhaps been a smaller generational step forward.

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LOL_WUT1048d ago

As long as it doesn't interfere with the development of a bigger title then I'm all for it. I'm sure the loyalist would be against this seeing as they hate remasters... ;)

pcz1048d ago


we should stop encouraging the industry to cannibalize itself.

we need to move forward. we need to create new things. this obsession with nostalgia is good for nothing. its counter productive.

i want new experiences, not recycled and regurgitated ones from decades ago


BrandanT1048d ago

I'm all for what you said, but this gen isn't the best time to bash the past on this front. How many franchises are there that are early releases?

lockedongamer11048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

I hope Xenoblade Chronicles gets remastered. I really want to play the game, but it's so expensive on the Wii.

R00bot1048d ago

You can get it on the Wii U eShop for $20.

lockedongamer11048d ago

Thanks but I'm not planning to get a Wii U any time soon and after the eShop closes down on the Wii U, it will become unavailable and then we're stuck with the high prices again. If they release it on NX with a remaster and a physical version, I'll definitely consider getting the console.

hatsume-miku1047d ago

Ops, sorry I disagreed with you for mistake, stupid touch screen. I've got it for 10 euros on the eshop so I can play it while I'm bed or while my wife or my son are watching the TV. I also own a phisical Wii copy.

Godmars2901048d ago

Not remasters, rather with Twilight Princess, something that offer mature oriented themes yet keeps with the established family oriented personality.

Stealth20k1048d ago

You never payed Twilight Princess did you?

Godmars2901048d ago

Point is, it *tried* for a level of maturity.

Don't have to swath tits and blood over everything, throw in curse words, to be mature.

Stealth20k1048d ago

My point is they do both just fine. They do not need to merge or anything.

Godmars2901047d ago

This article wouldn't exist if such were true.

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