Gamecye Preview: Aion: Tower of Eternity

Gamecyte reports:

''Fantasy MMORPGs are a tricky thing to report one's impressions on. Here is a genre of game whose very design is intended to be epic and time-consuming, providing players with dozens upon dozens of hours of large, suitably "massive" tasks like exploring a sprawling new game world, battling and questing your way through a rich, overarching storyline, and gradually improving a character from a mewling babe to an unstoppable killing machine. It's probably unfair to judge such an experience based on half an hour of gameplay. Still, when NCsoft invited GameCyte to come and try the latest version of Aion (pronounced "ion"), their upcoming MMORPG, we sat down with some pre-made characters and experienced a healthy CryEngine-powered dose of what three years of development had wrought.''

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