Insomniac talk with Denis Dyack about Too Human (Podcast 31)

Insomniac writes:

With Quest For Booty's release right around the corner (Aug. 21), we discuss the shenanigans that went down at our pirate-themed wrap party. And on the Resistance 2 front, Ratchet & Clank frontman Brian Allgeier chimes in with some hands-on impressions of our upcoming first-person shooter. We also welcome Denis Dyack, president of Silicon Knights, on the show to discuss Too Human and why he compares his studio to an old-school guild. Finally, find out when and where you can meet the Insomniac community team (and play R2) over the next few weeks.

* 0:00:00 - Introduction
* 0:01:35 - Quest For Booty Update
* 0:09:26 - Resistance 2 Update
* 0:21:35 - Mystery Guest of the Week - Denis Dyack, Too Human
* 0:46:10 - Community Update - Where we'll be, see us at Leipzig and PAX
* 0:54:28 - Closing

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Superfragilistic3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I love their games but that was seriously unexpected and earned big personal kudos from me. Nice to see mutual respect amongst developers on different consoles, if only the open zone would follow suit... ;)

Best bit?

Insomniac: Pick one person from Neogaf to ban right now? (Voice in background says "Stay away from this one Denis!")

Dyack: Me!

Superfragilistic3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Around the 45min mark. :)

And it sounds like his wife telling him not to answer and he goes ahead and says "myself". :)


Just looked at the open zone, guess it was wishful thinking when I said "Nice to see mutual respect amongst developers on different consoles, if only the open zone would follow suit..." ;)

InMyOpinion3745d ago

Can't wait. The demo is like a drug.

RadientFlux3745d ago

same, the killer fall game lineup starts next week for me

cr33ping_death3745d ago

why do many people think that Haze was being looked foward too as such an awsome game? seriously who was looking foward to it as say Too Human? LOL Too Human.

silverchode3745d ago

i think few people cared about haze it came out like 15 days before mgs4.

N00BZSUCKASS3745d ago

lol, people thought Haze was going to save the PS3rd this year. lol. FLOP.

silverchode3745d ago

and xbox fanboys thought too human was gana be AAA. flop

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PimpHandStrong3745d ago

Full Moon Show is kinda funny but yet filled with smart ppl giving there opinion


that was funny

IMO Dennis is FULL of his own importance! The dude is long winded and just plain annoying! He is a smart dude thou and i do give him credit for his passion

KeiulZen3745d ago

is actually an awesome guy, he has alot of passion about what he do. I love Dyack, just I'm crying that Too Human didn't feel as awesome as I wanted it. I'll probably rent it or just wait til the price drops to 40 bucks.

Vicophine3745d ago

Insomniac: Now, Dennis, this is how you make games in under 3 years..
Dennis: I see...

Everyone wins.

Mao3745d ago

rude but very funny and true! Insomniac are development kings. They've overcome every obstacle with PS3 development this gen and with both PSone and PS2 I feel they had the strongest franchises on both consoles mascot wise.

Quest for Booty is a guaranteed buy next week!

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