Hacker succeeded in loading back-ups on a PlayStation 3

PS3-Sense writes "Yesterday on the forums of PS3Hax a topic was posted with alot of information about loading backups on a PlayStation 3. A german hacker called StreetSkaterFU succeeded in loading backups on his PS3."

English information is included in the post.

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InMyOpinion3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

lol @ report section. How is it going to hurt the industry? The size of PS3 games renders pirating useless.

GodsHand3748d ago

Yeah, and stories got approved for the toggle switch to play copied games on the PS3. If anything it won't last as long as people keep getting the firmware updates, and Sony loves giving those out.

shazam3748d ago

and why dont any of these "hackers" have an hdtv?

season0073748d ago

the cost of not ever updating the PS3 firmware

most firmwares bring great improvement to the system in a lot of ways..

vhero3748d ago

agreed PS3 would be pointless to hack maybe but bluray writers are in the £100-£150 mark now and will drop below £100 by the end of the year. PS3 is the only console not hacked 360 was hacked weeks after release and wii a couple of months after.

abcdog10003748d ago

because sony was smart enought to launch the ps3 with homebrew. u can get any app u want from linux

Yipee Bog3748d ago

And I have warhawk on my hdd. Oh wait, it's a psn download. Noob, try hacking mgs4. Didn't think you could

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Alexander Roy3748d ago

Oh sh't, I lol'd hard.

StreetSkaterFU? The same guy, who was/is a major member of TeamICE? The TeamICE, who told everyone they had hacked the console when they had achieved *nothing*? The TeamICE, who shortly after people called them out, simply vanished? The TeamICE, who single handedly invented the trend of bogus PS3 hacks?

There were a LOT of people trusting this bunch back then. People who thought those guys weren't just in it to get some e-fame.

TeamICE, f'ck you. You have let down those who believed in you and abandoned them. You fooled people - don't expect them to cheer for you now.

If this leads to something, good. If not, it's just the usual stuff they do.

titntin3748d ago

Absolutely mate. Not only has every BS story of a PS3 hack been utterly fabricated, but this guy has a long history of doing this.

I had to laugh when the first thing he claimed was Running War hawk of a HD. ITS A DOWNLAODABLE GAME AND RUNS OFF OF HD ANYWAY!

The problem is, that the net is full of gullible people who will believe this.. "theres no smoke without fire " they say.

But this is BULL.

Oner3748d ago

Looks to have a VERY strong sign of being real. Alek (of Dark Alex association) confirms it as well as Mathieulh.....

Info from

titntin3748d ago

Alek is not Dark Alex and one line on that site proves nothing.

StreetSkaterFU - We know this guy to be a faker and liar. It will take a lot more than a couple of forum posts to make anyone take this seriously.

xsteinbachx3747d ago

Not only warhawk, but GT4 is downloadable. He has to be better then this.

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sajj3163748d ago

I'll believe it when I see it. Tell then ... back to the games!

chasegamez3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

i guessing there will be a new firmware update
real soon

Expy3748d ago

Seem sketchy. Anyway, really stupid of this "hacker" to even say that he's been able to do this (if in fact he did) because now Sony will do all they can to try and find the hole and fix it.

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