IncGamers INTERVIEW: Travis Baldree - Runic Games

Talking exclusively to IncGamers, Baldree tells us how far Mythos was away from being released, more details about the game and when we can expect to hear announcements from the newly found Runic Games Inc.

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syrinx3772d ago

Glad to see them come out of the mess that was the FSS closure. Good luck to them.

Wuushu3772d ago

Damn interesting interview.. It's such a shame Mythos got canned as I was quite looking forward to that. :( Thanks!

Leord3772d ago

I was such a huge fan of Hellgate, and visiting daily. I am so sorry that Flagship wasn't able to push those last few miles in terms of funding, and release a GOOD game... A few more months of polish, and it would have been a lot more popular.

SCFreelancer3772d ago

I am not so sure about that. I seems to me they wanted to much. Whoever decided to push made a wise decision. It was taking so much longer then anticipated.

What went wrong in my eyes is when they got told to push for release they should have cut out features and make sure it got the required polish. This clearly did not happen.

Another thing that went wrong was the unbelievably bad press right after release. The game wasn't what people expected, thats a given, but why it was this ruff...

Leord3772d ago

I think they managed to accumulate so much buzz about Hellgate, the games press just felt fooled. Bubble popped.

Well, yeah, perhaps it also was a design decision somewhere up the line, they should have cut features and polished instead, but on the whole, I think it is a fun game (even more now when patched, http://hellgate.incgamers.c... is seeing a return of visitors), and deserved more than it got.

Maticus3772d ago

Absolutely gutted about Mythos. What a waste.

SCFreelancer3772d ago

Yea. From this article I get the impression that it will probably never be released.

He did admit he didn't have any real inside information, so he might be wrong. It must be really hard for a totally fresh team to fix and finish the product.

Dorjan3772d ago

Oh no! So close yet so far...

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