Home access is based on console region, not PSN account

PS3Fanboy writes, "With the release of the new Home beta, we now have a much clearer idea of how these region restrictions, that we discovered at E3, are being implemented. It seems that the client reacts to your console's native region, locking you out of any Home servers that don't match it. That means that if you're a UK gamer who imported from the US, you'll be spending all of your time with Americans inside Home. If you imported from Japan ... well, you can guess where that's headed. "

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Fishy Fingers3746d ago

Well that's a kick in the nuts for those who imported a PS3.

hardmetal3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I say this because I live in Saudi Arabia and bought US PS3 (60 GB ).Yeah I'll miss my pal territory friends but I guess I'll be fine playing with my American dudes.

But again as you said, it's still a kick in the nuts for those who imported a PS3.

spandexxking3746d ago

dammit i bought a japanese console! i bought it for £300 though so im not complaining, plus i dont think il be using home much.

shazam3746d ago

You weren't supposed to import. This is why Lik Sang got killed.

orakga3746d ago

Resistance 1 did this, and I was locked out of multiplayer until they updated the client with a patch, 6 months later. Basically, I could only connect to the Japanese servers.

I'm surprised Sony is retarded enough not to have "fixed" this issue.

And don't give me the "you weren't supposed to import" bullcrap. It's not like I pirated/hacked a system or something, and the system was sold out at launch (mostly because of the flippers).

barom3746d ago

This sucks. I moved to the US about 2 years ago from Norway, encouraging all my friends over there to get the PS3 so we could play together (still playin some Warhawk). It seems that's not possible with Home.

Hopefully I'll still be able to somehow invite them to my Home. Man, why do companies love to isolate the different regions.

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Surfman3746d ago

i think we already knows that

DeforMAKulizer3746d ago

Im an American-Lebanese... I live in Lebanon at the moment and i have a completely valid US account but the shops here in lebanon only import JAP PS3 or european... So im stuck with my JAP PS3 and japanese ads and people in Home :'( that sucks... I cant even buy anything....

Fishy Fingers3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Legitimate reasons like yours will hopefully sway Sony into changing this.

My advice, e-mail them, don't feel like your time will be wasted, if enough people take action which I'm sure they will, Sony will listen. But everyone counts, don't rely on others.

DeforMAKulizer3746d ago

Pretty encouraging man =D hehe will do will do =D
Bubble up!

PirateThom3746d ago

Based on what Sony's past online has been like (I'll cite Resistance as an example), they'll keep it region locked initially just to make sure the server can take the load and then make it worldwide after testing with a large number of users.

Once it goes worldwide, ads could be displayed based on your IP and be different for different people.

djb3746d ago

thats something i never would of thought about, thanks for that, i guess i'll get writing my e-mail ASAP.

i dont see why theres a problem with importing the ps3, but i suppose there was going to be a downside to it n the first place.

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Blackcanary3746d ago

Thats not True cause I imported my ps3 from Japan and i live in the UK
and all the People I'm with in the HOME BETA are from the UK and i got my Invite this Morning.

DeforMAKulizer3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Really?!!! I sure hope its open...

aiphanes3746d ago

There are people in the Japan beta using USA PS3s......

AllroundGamer3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

what about people, that have friends in other regions? they just can't be invited? that's just wrong...

Edit: PirateThom ok thx for the info, at least something... so that means you still can't play the minigames together like bowling, chess etc., hope they will make that region free later on, when they have more servers.

PirateThom3746d ago

You can invite them to your "Home" space, but anything outside your apartment is currently region locked.

Bren863746d ago

I hope eventually they make it region free otherwise it will seem a flop to me.

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