NFS Undercover out on November 21

Videogamer writes: "EA has released a sliver of new information on its latest instalment in the hugely popular Need for Speed series, Undercover.

EA notes that Need for Speed Undercover will take the franchise back to its roots, re-introducing break-neck cop chases, the world's hottest cars and spectacular highway battles.

The game is scheduled for release this holiday and will feature movie star Maggie Q (MI3, Die Hard 4.0) as the lead character in the 'big-budget live-action sequences that propel the game's original story forward'."

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Masko3746d ago

NFS Undercover hmmm...i bet the story will have some under cover cop racing his way up the top to bust some guy. NFS sucks anyways

uckitsayitchbay3746d ago

hoping for the best.. Pro street was a slap in the face to NFS fans.. didn't much care for most wanted but was okay carbon was good as well as underground 1,2 so just pro street that truly sucked balls