OXM UK: Hellboy: The Science of Evil Review

OXM UK writes: "Right now we can hear a collective roar of 'oh crap!' from the Hellboy fanbase. Their beloved big red guy has been sullied once more for consoles.

See, there are movie tie-ins that are wheeled out to hit specific dates right next to their big-budget big-screen counterparts (which almost always turn out to be awful), and then there are games like this - an offence to anyone who gets caught up in its path of character-butchering and dreadful plot.

Hellboy's six beat 'em up missions last just over an hour each, so the burly hero's trip from the Carpathian Mountains to von Klempt's castle is over in an afternoon. The art direction is so-so but drenched in shadow, making it an almost impossible task to see certain parts of the level, leaving little room for exploration."

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