PlayTM: Soul Calibur IV Review

PlayTM writes: "It doesn't take much to make me nostalgic about the Dreamcast. Sega's brilliant but doomed last-ditch attempt to stay in the console market hosted dozens of games, of which Soul Calibur was the first in a long line. I still remember the excitement of turning on that console for the first time, and realising that Soul Calibur was the first one-on-one beat-em-up to truly justify the move into three-dimensions. Before then you could side-step, but never walk around your opponent.

Now nearly a decade has passed, the Dreamcast is gone but not forgotten, and we have Soul Calibur IV. With good reason, the mechanics of the fights have barely changed over the years. The button layout, the moves list, and even the character roster are almost untouched. The majority of the 'new' characters are renamed and redesigned models of the originals, but the reluctance of the developers to meddle with a winning formula is probably well founded. Indeed, the inclusion of an un-throwable Yoda, and a slightly-too-quick-and-strong Apprentice from the Star Wars universe, undoubtedly damage the game's balance once the novelty of using a light sabre has worn off."

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