Ripten Hands-On Preview: Henry Hatsworth, Holy Awesome

Ripten writes: "Since when is tea time synonymous with piloting a giant robot? Only since my most highly anticipated DS game since Contact, Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (working title). You may recognize the "Untitled" EA project from the Into the Pixel exhibit at E3. In this platformer/puzzle-gaming hybrid, the top screen is where you'll run, jump, slash at enemies, and shoot lasers, bombs, and other ammo, whereas the bottom screen is an addictive match-three affair.

As you swashbuckle around with Henry on top (jump with B, melee with Y, ranged with A), fallen enemies become blocks in the puzzle world and drop jewels you can use to buy upgrades. There are enemies that make regular blocks, extra big blocks, shielded blocks, and surely others."

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