Tomb Raider: Underworld - 'Lara looks gorgeous' - Videogamer First Look Preview

Videogamer writes: "Lara looks gorgeous. And we're not talking about Alison Carroll, 23, from Croydon either. We're talking about the real Lara. Well, the real virtual Lara. There she is, swaying her hips, running about with a lovely new sprinting animation ("People say it's the best sprint animation they've seen in a game so far," gushes Eidos' publishing producer Adam Phillips), with a pole in one hand and a pistol in the other, with dirt on her face and on her legs and context sensitive foliage receding as if it were bowing in reverence to her presence. To be sure, this Lara, this new, motion captured (for the first time, with the wonderfully named US gold medallist gymnast Heidi Moneymaker), more realistic Lara, has never looked better."

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Xi3750d ago

But it'll probably end up being a pretty average game, just like the other recent tombraider games. Here's to hoping.