GWN Review: Guitar Hero On Tour

GWN reports:

''The very first thing that a Guitar Hero: On Tour wannabe virtuoso comes upon when opening the game's unusual packaging is the rather chunky control apparatus. A multi-button insert slides into the DS' GBA cartridge slot and mimics the buttons on the full-sized Guitar Hero Axe, minus the orange "hard" button. The DS is held sideways (or "book style) and players hit the guitar buttons and "strum" using a pick stylus on the touchscreen, in order to hit the notes descending on the other screen.

As such, the gameplay is exactly the same as in any of the other GH titles, with players attacking ever more elaborate note patterns in songs from every era and subgenre of rock. The new controls work reasonably well, and offer a slightly more realistic experience than one would think, due to the pick and enhanced emphasis on actually strumming.''

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