SNK Playmore strengthen the game business is hit its real intention to key person

SNK Playmore has announced its withdrawal from the strengthening and pachislot business of the game business. the reason why the company is to focus on the game business, I heard Minoru Noguchi to oversee the game business.

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Kyosuke_Sanada955d ago

Like I said before. I am super excited to hear SNK back in the fight. I hope they start selling merch as well because I need a new NEO GEO and SNK hirt.

Avin1973955d ago

New console would be interesting.

ServerBOT955d ago

Title reads like a brain fart.

DragonDDark955d ago

Still can't make a sentence that makes sense with it lol

WheatBread955d ago

so snk strengthens hit real key person playmore intention the game? Feet?

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