Videogamer review: International Athletics

Videogamer reports:

''With Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Games, Beijing 2008, Summer Athletics and New International Track and Field you might think that the games released to capitalise on this summer's Olympic Games have already saturated the market, but the PSP has been left out. International Athletics from Ghostlight has arrived to put a smile on sad PSP owners' faces, or at least try to, but does this handheld button basher deserve a place on the winner's podium?

To cut to the chase. Not really. While none of this year's Olympic Games inspired titles have been especially brilliant, most have offered some decent fun, especially in multiplayer. International Athletics on the PSP automatically loses out here as its multiplayer is limited to passing the handhled around or hooking up with friends who also own the game. This makes it primarily a single-player experience, and not a very good one.''

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