Disaster: Day of Crisis lives, Classified in Australia

When it was announced earlier in the year that Disaster: Day of Crisis was pulled from the release schdule a mere month before it was due for release many thought it was heading the way of Project H.A.M.M.E.R, canncelled. But all hope may not be gone for the title which was first revealed all the way back at E3 2006. The game has just been Classified by the Australian Classification Board and given a big fresh M for Violence, themes and infrequent coarse language. So its nothing big but could Disaster be filling in a Holiday gap this year?

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Nugan3746d ago

I don't know much about the Australian classification system.

Is it fair to say that what they reviewed was a finished or near-finished version of the game?

Also, does classification usually mean that the game will soon be released?

Without knowing either of the above, it's hard to be anything but cautiously optimistic about this news.

ape0073745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

it's been 2 years

and I havent seen anything yet

am afraid it ends up like its name


Panipal20053745d ago

They better release it this year, if it comes out in 2009 then 'I Am Alive' might just steal its thunder

TruthbeTold3745d ago

I had just about given up on this game. I hope this pans out.