What LBP Means to Sony's Brand

Thomcult: Sony has always occupied an awkward space in terms of mascots and emblems. Historically it has always been a logo-less (for want of a better phrase) brand. While Nintendo had Mario and Sega had Sonic the original PlayStation had, well nothing.

What Sackboy represents is a change of tone in Sony's approach to the marketplace, and one which the rest of the industry would do well to pay attention to. Namely, that the days of imposing top down meaning on consumers are over, that they are capable of defining their own fun and their own experiences. Along with Spore, Little Big Planet has the ability to empower gamers and let them fill it up with their own meaning and idea of fun - to allow them to act as inspired creators, rather than passive consumers - which is exactly what they want.

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Jamie Foxx3773d ago

i think LBP will bring a new era in gaming in WILL shift millions of units!

solidt123773d ago

This game is so cool. I can see this being a very iconic game for Sony.

Silly Mammo3773d ago

I'd be cool with Sackboy as Sony's official mascot.

Kush_Reaper3773d ago

LBP has the potential to be a huge success. If there is a game that can redifine the platform genre it is LBP. It has the ability to really push the whole creating,sharing and playing concept to a new height.

I hope sony realise how important this game is for PS3. With the holiday season coming up and all a little price drop, new PS3 bundle and clever advertisment is all this baby needs. Day one purchase for me.

TheExecutive3773d ago

they do know how big this is and yes, they will advertise the hell out of it.

Majors3772d ago

This game has potential. Its gonna be HUGE no doubt. Its got everything everyone has wanted. Its for ALL ages. Its gonna blow away XBL. And itll probably burn out a few servers aswell.
One of Sonys Killer Apps... Get ready for it...