1UP: The Godfather II First-Look Preview

1UP: "When it first appeared on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2006 (before slowly making the rounds onto every other possible platform), The Godfather was arguably the biggest license-get in the history of videogames. A regular contender for Greatest Film of All Time, Francis Ford Coppola's crime epic is an American cultural icon and a standout in the great movie-crowded 1970s. People quote from it like the Bible. Simpsons writers treat it like a parody strip mine. Mobsters in other movies and TV shows discuss it at length. So with the arrival of a game based on the movie, there was much hand wringing about doing right by the name, creating a game that didn't simply exploit the public's affinity for the Corleone family.

At the unveiling of The Godfather II earlier this week -- on a yacht in the San Francisco bay filled with girls in short black dresses serving cocktails to a crowd of bespectacled, Hot Pocket-fed game nerds, those concerns were nowhere to be found. Instead of talking about how they're turning the story of Michael Corleone's fall from family golden boy to paranoid criminal sociopath into a worthy game, EA's Godfather team demonstrated their spiffy new strategy mechanics. Like it or not, The Godfather has entered the unsacred realm of franchise, a vehicle for whatever idea the license owner attaches to it. If we were French, we'd storm the security gates at Paramount Studios with torches in hand. Thankfully, we're Americans, so we'll take another helping of pretty-good open-world crime gaming and make a few snarky comments about the downfall of our once-great culture. And hey, that strategy stuff -- "The Don's View," (trademarked, of course) -- looks pretty fun."

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