20 games that make PS4 the best place to play in 2016

The montage above highlights 20 – count ’em – titles that are either full PlayStation console exclusives, or releasing on PS4 first. To my eyes at least, it’s shaping up to be one heck of a release slate.

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JMyers961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

Great line up. This will be a huge year in games! Looking forward to it. Happy New Year N4G!

The song is Bob Bradley - Only One

nowitzki2004961d ago

Happy New Year brother and to all my N4G brothers, sisters and enemies, wish you all the best.

JMyers960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

The wishing of enemies... a nice touch :)

Happy New Year. Game on!

Genuine-User960d ago

This year will annihilate my wallet.

joab777960d ago

I'm still waiting for that one game that I have to buy an xbone for. It was Mass Effect for me last gen. I can't imagine not having a PS4 right now. Persona 5 (I know it's PS3 too, but I'm talking next gen consoles), Uncharted 4, and BB was probably my favorite game from last year.

JMyers959d ago

Until Dawn for me. Loved that game. 2016 looks to be a big year.

iNathan960d ago

2016 will be Amazing!

I already see Xbox Fanboys scrambling =)

CaptainObvious878960d ago

Well, someone has said it, so it must be true, so all those articles declaring MS has the better lineup must be wrong. /s

Is that how it works? Perhaps a certain few people can tell me if that logic is sound or flawed.

In any case, I believe the PS4 to have a stellar line up this year and I can wait.

lociefer960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

how come i never heared about firewatch? , saw some youtube videos for it and omg the dialogue is so natural, def keeping out an eye for this one

JMyers960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

February. I'm definitely picking it up. I think it's digital only. The Witness is out this month.

jb227960d ago

It is looking amazing...That dialogue is actually written by the same team that did season 1 of TellTale's Walking Dead and they are delivered by 2 actors who never met in person which was a cool decision for a game where 2 people communicate solely over walkie talkie. That one's my most anticipated for the top of the year personally, gorgeous game.

Rimeskeem960d ago

20+ games. Holly crap that's at least 1 every like 3 weeks on average.

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The story is too old to be commented.