Danger for the Xbox 720 and PS4

It's a simple enough question, but the answer is something that has long eluded consensus. For some, a "games machine" is something made by Nintendo, or something with "PlayStation" or "Xbox" written on the packaging. For others, it's all about the amount of RAM, and the speed of the CPU, and the number of GPU cores they've managed to shoe-horn into their LED-encrusted black-and-silver beauty.

For years now – decades – these two points of view have divided people. On the one hand, the console faithful tout the stability of their platform, the assurance of a 5-year lifecycle, and the relatively low-cost nature of the hardware. The PC crowd on the other hand flaunt the flexibility of their hardware: their ability to improve performance at a moment's notice and to cater for new and developing trends in gaming for as long as their screaming wallets will allow.

Now, though, for better or worse we are beginning to see a real revolution in console gaming. Where once console specifications were defined and immutable, they have started to become varied and variable. Console manufacturers, it would seem, are starting to take aim against one of the major strengths of the PC platform: flexibility. But this change is going to come at a cost, and if not handled well could end up doing more harm than good.

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Bucky Sligo3748d ago

I agree with the article. This multiple sku BS needs to stop. It's confusing the less-hardcore crowd.

Real Gambler3748d ago

Microsoft itself said that games will install from now on. The Arcade version should immediatly be pulled from the shelves because I pity people who will buy one. (Unless Microsoft finally decide to sell a add-on hard drive at a decent price).

Otherwise, no matter what sku people are buying, you still get quite a decent console that will play most games, no matter what.

The author complaint about the fact that consoles are becoming PC, yet his conclusion is:

"The goal for consoles is to take the best of what PC gaming has to offer and make it simple, cheap, accessible and fun."

And that's what consoles do. That's why devs love them. They know the heart of the console will not change. But sure enough, like with PCs, a hard drive in a console today, is a must.

DaKid3748d ago

@Real Gambler: Great post man, bubs for that. I agree with you, the arcade is the only SKU that doesn't make sense. Not having a hard drive is like not having a car and you work 25 miles(40.2336 km) away. It just isn't going to work for long.

Also once you have to buy an upgrade to make your console work better (Ram, Graphics Card) Then i would say console gaming is becoming more like PC. Untill then console is a cheaper way to enjoy lots of great games.

DeadlyFire3748d ago

What are you talking about? Its not all that confusing really. There is the cheapest version and the expensive version with all the goodies and one in between. There is nothing to be confused about. The price tells you whats in the box.

As far as hardware goes I believe they know better than to move to quickly into letting consumers mess with the hardware. Even if RAM became something that users could get to upgrade it I doubt anyone would force a user to require it for another couple of generations. Might be surprised though you never know what to expect from some people.

I doubt that Microsoft or Sony will let anyone near their products with a screwdriver to add in another GPU anytime soon. That just will not happen. They are to proud of their own created GPU-CPU combination and besides that today's PC GPUs are not likely to be compatible with an odd-ball console setup. So it wouldn't work out anyway with that unless GPU developers built a special line-up for the consoles and that would be costly and not very economical for them since upgrading from 30 fps in a game with no way of knowing exactly the fps you are seeing and most GPUs don't offer much of an upgrade unless its 3+ years old.

I expect HDD's to become a normal thing for the next generation of Consoles with the generation after that to get a shift into the Flash Hard Drives.

Gamekilla3748d ago

i think people enjoy about consoles is that only 1 or 2 versions exist, they buy and play, don't need to worry that they wouldn't be able to run future games for a while , while PC games system requirements keep getting higher...the thing i am not liking now is that sony is on their 5th SKU this august with the new 80gb, altough they are heading in the right direction with just one sku, people of previous sku's feel abandoned in many cases, especially 40gb owners, which there are MANY, MANY of, as the 40gb is the reason sony has been selling more consoles since last year...

Real Gambler3748d ago

Sony only had 4 skus. 60gig, 20gig, 40gig, and just recently 80gig. Not sure either why someone would be unhappy with any of those skus. Hard drives are really cheap and easy to upgrade anyway.

It's the same for the Xbox too.
Xbox 360 Premium (20GB)
Xbox 360 Core
Xbox 360 Elite (120GB)
Xbox 360 Arcade (no hard drive!)
Xbox 360 Premium (60GB)

Sure hard drives are not easy replaceable in a xbox (or you have to pay way to much for a small 120gig, but I'm sure no matter what xbox people have bought, they are quite happy with what they have. Unless they have one without a hard drive...

Sitdown3748d ago

After your post...I am not sure how the Arcade is dangerous.......1.)Because it has the ability to be a premium, minus the silver front on the drive. 2.)It was intended for "casual gamers" who are not necessarily concerned with a bigger hard drive, and if so...again, then have the option of adding it. 3.)I thought Microsoft said the installs would be optional......and if not, again you can purchase a hard drive. If anything the ps3 sku have become dangerous.....because it seems that each time they introduce a new one, they remove items. From launch to now, you have seen the ps2 hardware removed, backwards compatibility seriously crippled...with some 40gb not even doing backward compatibility of ps2 titles at all, two less usb ports, removal of memory card units, and removal of wireless.

Yeah, I know I will get disagrees because I spoke up again the mighty ps3...but I invite anybody to not just disagree, but prove how I am wrong. Regardless, those continued decreases were the main reasons I rain out and got a refurbished 60 gb ps3.

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N00BZSUCKASS3748d ago

yes. danger to all gamers out there. sony is making the ps4th-place.

trancefreak3748d ago

So what happens to gaming consoles when the graphics look so real that their are no needs to upgrade anymore in 20-30 years.

N00BZSUCKASS3748d ago

hahahaha plz tell me you're not talking about teh cell.

AngryTypingGuy3747d ago

"So what happens to gaming consoles when the graphics look so real that their are no needs to upgrade anymore in 20-30 years."

I can't wait for that day. After that point, graphics will eventually become an afterthought, since they will all be expected to be life-like. Then game makers will have to focus on [gasp]...story telling, game-play, and innovation - imagine that.

nos4speed3748d ago

can see the 720 coming soon and microsoft letting the warrantee's wear out on the 360 then give up on it, the PS4 will probably come into play around the middle of the 720's life span but sony will continue to support the PS3, better get my name on the pre order list for a PS4 pretty soon, of course by the time the PS4 is out russia will have already owned the west asses so nvm :P

jlemdon3748d ago

the newer consoles should take the Sega Saturn advice and come with a RAM slot to improve to games performance.

Bucky Sligo3748d ago

Why would msoft give up on the 360? They just started to make profit with it.

Lumbo3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

several reasons:
1) first party support is slim @ MS, they only have one studio for 1st party stuff. hence they need to fully hope for 3rd party devs. When they bring out the new 'in' system the 3rd party devs will switch their projects to that system, leaving the outdated system out in the rain. Or if they support both they don't show the 'power' of the new system rendering it into some kind of pointless gimmick. MS will need stunning new games on the new system to get people to hand over cash again.

2) MS has a history of abandoning the old system on the release of the new system

3) Without a forced incentive like last time no one will be much pressed to buy the new one. Hence its in MS interest to kill of the 360 as soon as possible after the 720 launch. Else they face horrible sales on the 720. Or at least they face only bearable sales and will get killed of by Sony and Nintendo releasing with newer hardware 2 years into their lifetime.

Imho its to early for the new system, the question of the media used is still not clear enough. 09/10 is to early for fully DLC based consoles. You need the brick and mortar stores to promote your system, and they won't if they can't cash in on the games. If you go fully DLC you cut out the stores from the profits. If you go dual you are still faced with media problems. If you stay DVD you will fail on the graphic side cause the storage offered is just to small by then, its already to small now. If you go with i.e. BluRay you in effect support your competition with license money they can use to undercut your prices. If you go with some freaky new holo tech you open yourself up for massive hardware problems as the tech is completely untested. Maybe that way you would manage a working copy protection for once. That would be a novelty, a working copy protection on a Microsoft system.

Bucky Sligo3748d ago

1) The PS2 is still very well supported by 3rd party devs. Also if 3rd party devs bring out PS2/3 games, the difference is massive so this point is void. Devs go after install base -> biggest market.

2) History as in once? They are actualy starting to make money now unlike last time.

3) Saying there will be no incentive to buy the Xbox720 is incorrect as well. Again, look at the PS2/3. By the time the Xbox720 release there would be a huge Xbox360 fanbase that want to upgrade to better graphics/games, the hardcore crowd will be doing the buying in the first stages but the mainstream will follow like any other generation.

Lumbo3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

1) The problem remains, if you want games using your new system you need the devs to concentrate on that system or at least on the generation of systems it represents. Multigeneration games look bad on all consoles as they are locked down by the lowest power system. No game so far, released on 360+ps3+wii+ps2+ds looks ANY good. Its average looking stuff at best.

Or look at the Wii, without the huge 1st party division at Nintendo this System would already be DEAD, as 3rd party games score horrible on the system.

How do you suppose they get people to buy the new über system with games looking average at best? Exactly, that does not work to well.
The only solution is either exclusive 3rd party games, something that is completely vanishing in the industry as we speak. Or 1st party exclusives. The latter is not possible due to the low number of 1st party studios as of now.

2) Is it my fault that they have only released 2 systems by now? What historical evidence do you have that shows they continue to support the outdated system when they release the new one? NONE. So your criticism is all based on wishful thinking, not a very firm basis if you ask me. The other two hardware companies have both kept supporting their old systems way into the new generations, thats more like hard evidence there.

3) People here and elsewhere keep claiming that Sony should drop PS2 support ASAP to force the hand of the waiters that still go PS2 right now to create an incentive €to buy the PS3. And suddenly when it fits your argument you switch and claim that it is actually an incentive to BUY a more expensive system when you get the same games for your existing system? I fail to grasp your logic there, please elaborate how allowing to play the same games on your already existing hardware will get me to hand over something like $400 for the new toy ...

Bucky Sligo3748d ago

1) Did the 3rd party devs leave the PS2 out in the rain? don't think so my friend.

2) Ironicaly you don't have any historical data to prove your point as well since you cant use one instance to predict a trend.

3) "People here and elsewhere keep claiming"
"And suddenly when it fits your argument you switch"
Where did I say such a thing? Next time reply to my comment instead of what other people are saying elsewere.

"please elaborate how allowing to play the same games on your already existing hardware will get me to hand over something like $400 for the new toy"
Now I don't understand your logic there. So you are saying dev support will vanish for your old gen hardware and all move over to your new gen hardware. And you also claim that your new Gen hardware will look the same as your last gen hardware? Can you then explain how the PS2 keeps on getting dev support? can you also explain why the PS3 is looking way better than the PS2, even on cross-gen multiplats?

The Xbox360 is making money. As long as thats happening, it wont be stopped. Even if the sales are dropping by the time the 720 is out, production cost will be so low that they will STILL be making money.
The Ps2/Ps3 situation is already disproving your point.

MikeGdaGod3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

but you left out how MS drops support for every OS they have after they bring out a new one. they just tried to do it again with XP but no one wants their newest crap a.k.a. Vista.

they've been FORCED to continue to support XP, it's not because they want to.

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THC CELL3748d ago

lol ps4 wont be rushed it will be out of this world

xbox 720 new light of death will be out
and will people buy it yes cause they are thick to no that the ps3 is 10 years future proof

the ps4 is a bonus
if it plays ps3 games also nice

silverchode3748d ago

then how is the ps2 still selling well?

callahan093748d ago

Wow, LastPlace, you're pretty ignorant, aren't you?

If the PS3 isn't future proof, then what the crap is the 360? It's still cooking with DVD, it doesn't even have a hard drive in every unit, and the machine is still keeping people tethered to their walls without a wireless internet capability (unless you want to spend 100 bucks on an overpriced adaptor that doesn't even work with a large number of wireless access points... but really this reason is the least of it all). The machine's still breaking on people, too, and Microsoft refuses to count non-RROD related system failures, and won't fix them for free.

The PS3 has a lot of hidden power under the hood that will continue to be unlocked over the coming years. Will the tech still be state of the art in 8 years (when it hits its tenth birthday)? No, but it doesn't have to be. It just has to give its adopters their money's worth, with fun games coming out consistently. The PS2 is still a successful system 8 years on, despite it not being the state of the art tech anymore.

Anyway, and you're wrong about the PS3 not selling well, too. It's sold very well. It's actually sold better than the 360 for the same period of time since the launch of the PS3. And at a higher price point. And with the system available in fewer regions of the world. And it didn't even come out in Europe until 5 months after it came out in Japan and the US. The 360 has been available much longer, in more places, for a lower price, and it's quickly losing its lead. So how is the PS3 not selling well (unless you want to say that the 360 isn't selling well, either)?

nycredude3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

You are an idiot! You are probably the biggest idiot fanboy for you rant!

"No one wants to play a console for 10 years. Only the poor, most delusional and idiots. Technolopy changes monthly, not every decade. ahahahahahah PS3 SUCKS."

I guess what you are saying is that 100,000,000 plus Ps2 fans and owners are idiots and dilusional right? Wrong!!

Yeah sure technology changes monthly, so what are you going to do by a new console every month? I can tell already that you are probably a big pc gamer who after buying a $300 to $400 vid card, already starts planning on which one you will be saving for next. Having to upgrade your pc every now and then to play the new games that come out is retarded!

Either you have a lot of money to waste or you are a bigger idiot that the people you are accusing, which makes you a hypocrite!

Now if you are an xbox fanboy then there is even less hope for you. If you can't see that you are the most delusional people out there then I feel sorry for you. ie: RROD, nickel and dime live mktplace, charge for live, no 1st party games, lag, avatar (weaksauce!), no support for xbox, soon to be inferior multiplat games, dead hd-dvd, not all have hdds, limit on arcade games, old technology, extra cash for standard Ps3 peripherals, etc., etc.

LMFAO when after just 4 years you have to shell out another $400 or $500 for another console!!!

KBDuB3747d ago

So are you an idiot for buying a PS3, after Sony had various problems with their PS2? No. (Even though you are an idiot.. for other reasons.)

Don't try to spin it, though. The PS2 had problems, the PS1 did not, the PS3 does not. The xBox 1 did not have problems, the 360 does.. that doesn't mean the "720" will have problems. And, there is no reason to assume that it will have problems.

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THC CELL3748d ago

trust me people no matter how long it takes ps4 will not be rushed

just play a 720 if comes first Risk is are u going to waste money or go with ps3 10 years life cycle future proof

LastPlace-tation 3rd3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

"go with ps3 10 years life cycle future proof "

LMFAO So stupid its hilarious. Yea PS3 looks super "Future Proof" so far this generation(super sarcasm). aka Sony needs to recoupe the billions they lost on Blu ray, PS3 hasn't sold they're hoping you'll continue playing the PS3rd for 10-years. LMFAO. PS3 is crap bro. It's not "future proof" just becuase it has blu ray. Blu Ray is giving you 3-5 gigabite MANDANTORY installs on EVERY GAME now. PS3rd is a disaster.

No one wants to play a console for 10 years. Only the poor, most delusional and idiots. Technology changes monthly, not every decade. hahahhahahahhahaa PS3 SUCKS.

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