What Games Do Japanese Dudes With Fancy Hairdos Like?

Brian Ashcraft writes:

"Previously, we posted very exciting data about which character Japanese players liked best. Now, we've done better."

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Rayko3773d ago

I care, asian guys looks so cool, western guys all look like geeks and african people look all the same haha.

sajj3163773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

african people look all the same ..


let me guess ... you're asian?

moses3773d ago

So androgynously cool. If they wanted to, they could play themselves as tidus in FFX. You've got a pretty lame argument if you say all black people look alike and asian's don't.

power0919993773d ago

Dear Rayko,

Welcome to my ignore list.

Yours Truly,
Geeky western guy

Kami3773d ago

if you cant see the difference between people.

iamtehpwn3773d ago

That's madness.
I'm with 2.2.
If you're gonna say All blacks look alike, then you couldn't say Asians don't.

Either way, @2, I love asians--but also other races too =P You should be more liberal for your love of different races.

On a Side note--Their hair has been combed by the hands of God

devilhunterx3773d ago

Asians look alike? When did that happen? (look at a Pakistani and Chinese). Nope nothing alike.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3773d ago

you all look alike even white people so everyone argument is just some races bs...Id rather you say i dont pay enough attention to the race to see distinctive differences because i know black people who say white people look alike and white people who say black people all look alike and we all say the asians looks alike..


"I care, asian guys looks so cool, western guys all look like geeks and african people look all the same haha. "

Well dude my Dad is Korean,my Mum is from Zambia and i have been raised from birth in France......

What does that make me cause im confused.

For the record that isnt strictly true^^^^^ :D

devilhunterx3773d ago

Are either of those ethnicity?

InMyOpinion3773d ago

They probably like sick degenerated hentai rape games that incorporate mega demon octo-genitals and underaged school-girls screaming and crying. In other words, nothing out of the ordinary.

InMyOpinion3773d ago

lol thx! Bubbles back atcha'!

It's kinda twisted. They think GTA is too violent but games where you stalk and rape young girls are OK.

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