PSX Extreme: Resistance: Retribution Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "When the PlayStation 3 launched in late 2006, it had a few solid titles and one fantastic title: Resistance: Fall of Man. Insomniac proved they could produce an excellent first-person shooter, and ever since that time, PS3 owners have been anxiously awaiting the sequel. That will arrive in a few months time, but Sony always takes care of its PSP owners. At E3 last month, Sony unveiled Resistance: Retribution, a game in the same universe but of an entirely new design for handheld aficionados, and one that's destined to be the next blockbuster release for Sony's sleek little portable. We'll have to wait until late-spring 2009 to nab it, but in the meantime, we've got this preview for you to salivate over. Sure, PSP sales benefited from 2007's slimmer redesign, but no gaming platform survives without the software to back it up. And in 2008, there have been several top-notch games already; 2009 will see many more, guaranteed. Retribution just might lead the way."

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