GameSpy: Space Siege Review

GameSpy writes: "'Gas Powered Games' Space Siege is like a worst-case scenario for alien contact. Earth's first bold ventures into space result in an encounter with the hostile alien species known as the Kerak. After a massive attack on Earth, your colony ship is boarded and under siege, setting the scene for one robotics expert's quest to cleanse the decks of this foreign menace. The storyline isn't the only worst-case scenario at work here: Space Siege is a strictly by-the-numbers approach to linear, lifeless, yawn-inducing gameplay.

While Space Siege is technically an action-RPG, the hallmarks of the genre are not explored to their fullest. Deep character customization, a rich storyline, action-packed combat... you'll find little of that here. The game railroads you from dull-gray hall to dull-gray hall, with no real sense of exploration. Rooms are locked and ancillary areas are completely sealed off until you complete the objectives, sending you from Point A to Point B with no room for even the slightest deviation. Each mini-level is a journey from one bland, enemy-filled room to the next, with very few changes in scenery or opposition to mix things up. Even after playing the game for hours, you'll still feel like you're in the first level."

+Space setting is a pleasant change of pace from the typical fantasy-action RPG

-Yawn-inducing gameplay
-Limited character customization
-Boring, linear campaign

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