Game Focus: Death Jr. Root of Evil Review

Game Focus writes: "Death Jr. Root of Evil was a fun but flawed Playstation Portable title released over a year ago and we now have a Nintendo Wii port of the same game, but do we have the same flaws or new ones to annoy the gamers with another bad port? Actually no, we have a well done fun port that has fixed most of the flaws from the original and given us a fairly decent story based game on part with Crash, Spyro and other similar 3D platform games.

In Death Jr. you play surprisingly as Death Jr. or DJ as he is lovingly referred to and as Pandora his girl friend as they embark on a quest to save his father and finish their science fair project at the same time. This fun quirky adventure has the makings of a fun classic title, even though it is a little on the short side."

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