Game Revolution: Bangai-O Spirits Review

Game Revolution writes: "You run gallantly towards a glimmering tower of metal, perfectly molded into a humanoid form with the power of a thousand armies. You leap majestically into the cockpit, point to the stars with a vigorous cry, "Bangai-O GO!" and launch into the ether. It's an otaku's dream come true. Moments later, you're in a no-holds-barred deathmatch aboard an alien ship, in a room filled with basketballs.

click to enlargeThat's right, basketballs. They're not visual glitches, nor part of a secret level, nor cleverly disguised weapons of mass destruction. They are another unexplainable facet of the hodgepodge homage to gaming greatness that is Bangai-O Spirits. There are even power-ups to collect in the form of fruit. Why fruit? As Treasure president Masato Maegawa said, "During the 1980s gaming era, fruits were items that were quite common!" Thanks for clearing that up, Masato."

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