Gamedaily: Zombie Games We'd Love To See

Gamedaily writes: "Enough with the same old zombie games. It's time the undead moved to different genres:

A shooting game where you're the zombie

There are a number of games where you blast zombies to smithereens. What if there was a shooting game where you played a zombie fighting back against humanity? One game, SNK's Metal Slug 3, has the right idea, but we want to bite people too."

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Silogon3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

slow news day or just a general lack of creativity on their part? You be the judge.

I for one would love to see a Zombie game based on Nights of Terror "Burial Grounds" probably, Night of the Zombies aside, the most intense and gruesome one ever made. When I was a kid and my father brought this home on VHS... it was game over. That movie had me and still does.

It's an off beat ride to say the very least.

chaostheory3773d ago

I'd say its just a lack of creativity, the one where you play as a zombie was OK but the rest were just other games with zombies tacked on.