Naruto: Ulimate Ninja Storm - Saiyan Island Interview Hiroshi Matsuyama

The good folks over at saiyan island has a sit down interview face to face with the lead designer Hiroshi Matsuyama.

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clintos593773d ago

I am glad they are finally releasing it in america first before japan because games always launch there first. This is a first day buy for me. I cant wait to play the story mode, should be awesome.

Fat Princess3773d ago

Same. Too bad we have to wait until November to get it. >< I'm not complaining though 'cause there are so many other games I want coming out before then.

Voozi3773d ago

My only complaint aside from no online is that you can only bring in two jutsus with you (your ultimate and the standard one). I was hoping you'd be able to do like 2-3+ different jutsus during a fight + your ultimate just like in the show

Other then that it's shaping up to be a pretty good Naruto game, I'll most likely end up getting it

games4fun3773d ago

i want to buy to support the dev team for all the hard work but i cant buy it because the no online kills it for me since its fighter

my hope is they still make enough to release a sequel with online which i will buy :)