Virtua Fighter 2 Earns Ring Out Victory on Sega Saturn – Today in History – December 30th, 1995

Carl Williams writes, "Sega continued their arcade in the home initiative with Virtua Fighter 2. Other arcade titles they brought into the living room included the first Virtua Fighter and Sega Rally Championship. Virtua Cop and many other titles that came later continued defining Sega’s dominance in this area. While Sony was busy focusing on original titles and building new brands, Sega was focusing on continuing their well-known titles. Virtua Fighter 2 was just another notch in the belt of Sega and they wore it proudly. While there were a few sacrifices made with the transition home, this was a venerable port."

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bouzebbal999d ago

SEGA was the absolute king of the arcade.. I loved the fact that some big names from the arcade were available at home like VF, Fighting Vipers, SEGA Rally...
VF2 was a great game, but suffered so much from competition from Tekken and especially Tekken 2.

triverse999d ago

Yeah, I agree. I forgot about Tekken and Tekken 2 in my article and for some reason went with Toshinden. I do remember when VF2 hit people at the local EB running it down and talking about how great Toshinden was (even the clerks) and I was like- really? That may be why that game stuck in my head.

bouzebbal999d ago

i have so many memories from fighting games from back then. 3D fighters were a revolution in 95 thanks to Virtua Fighter.
Toshinden Ura, Tobal, Fighters Megamix, DOA, Ehrgeiz, Rival Schools...
Even Street Fighter followed the fashion by going 3D with EX+Alpha.

BLKxSEPTEMBER999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

VF is the king of 3D fighters. It's the most skillful well balanced fighter out there. No flashy fire balls, no super meters, no rage bars just skillful combat. If your losing in VF and you make a major combat it's do to smart play not spamming the counter button. VF is the only fighter I need. My El Blaze Lau and Jean are Legendary...

FlexLuger994d ago

VF2...possibly the greatest fighting game I ever played. I play the arcade perfect port on my x360 with my fight stick these days. It is still fighting game perfection. Amazed at how the up rezzed it to HD and kept the look of the original arcade. I really like that solid, blockish polygonal look they had, even now.