Japan Loves The Xbox 360 This Week

* Nintendo DS - 60,434
* PSP - 58,501
* Wii - 38,506
* Xbox 360 - 24,962
* PlayStation 3 - 9,673
* PlayStation 2- 8,503

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SuicidalTendencies3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Microsoft better send Namco a nice thank you gift. :)

Bnet3433747d ago

This goes to show you PS3 isn't as big as a lot of people seem to deem it in Japan. Under 10k? That's inexcusable. That makes Xbox 360 look like a beast. Sony should feel embarrassed. Why isn't Sony getting any JRPG's out? Do they not care?

LeSouteneur3747d ago

The 360 averages out around 1000 ~ 2000 a week. If you're saying the PS3 isn't a beast compared to 360, I hope you're joking.

This is only a minor spike. And besides, remember when MGS4 (which isn't big in Japan) bumped up the PS3 to 77,000 units for that week?

DJ3747d ago

Save for White Knight (far off) and Disgaea 3.

Armyless3747d ago

When the dust settles, this generation... I'm going to do a case study of the influences that each company's innovations and product offerings led the other consoles to compete in like kind to keep up themselves. I don't think I've ever seen this much collective improvement in all the consoles as a result of the tight competition in which they strive to match and beat the other console's advantages.

JokesOnYou3747d ago

Hell has just frozen over folks....360 outsold ps3 and ps2 combined IN JAPAN, NO I SAID IN JAPAN! WOW! Congrats micro, they earned it.


DeadIIIRed3747d ago

And the PS3 has been outselling the 360 in the US. See how endless and pointless this can become? Besides, considering <25k is a sales spike in Japan is weak none the less.

cmrbe3747d ago

there are 4 times as many PS3 compare to the x360 which had a 1 year head start.

JokesOnYou3747d ago

the ps2 was last gen's best selling console by far in the US and Japan, so seeing its successor(ps3) outsell the 360 in the states isn't surprising in fact many predictions had ps3 dominating soon after release, in fact although micro is a American company, based on last gen's success the US has brought more ps2's than even japan, one could correctly say the states is just as much sony's home turf or more compared to micro. Also by comparison the original xbox never ever outsold the ps2 in Japan, so this is definitely a symbolic win for micro.


Enigma_20993747d ago

word has it that microsoft is throwing a lot of money at JRPG developers... that's probably why...

The Lazy One3747d ago

It is a very symbolic victory for M$. Moreso than actual accomplishment. Has any US console outsold a japanese console in japan? Ever?

It's a drip in the ocean though.

Also: DJ, careful... there is still time <_< >_>

cmrbe3747d ago

Do i need to remind you that its still early days in this console war?. In terms of installbase only 25% of last gen installbase have migrated. This is not taking into consideration the fact that the gaming market has grown since last gen and most of the wii install are new gamers/casual.

You guys are talking like its over already when all 3 current console installbase (PS3+wii+x360) is just about half of the PS2 installbase.

Did you guys expect the x360 to do worse than the xbox?. Last gen the xbox rarely had any JRPG unlike this gen so obviously x360 should do better but how much better though?. The x360 is still 8 million behind the xbox installbase almost 3 years in with 1 year without comp.

The PS3 is more than two million in Japan which is 4 times the install of the x360 which had a 1 year head start. Is this a good sign for MS?.

After the E6 announcement that the PS3 will be 200 USD more than the x360 most people wrote off the PS3. But i don't need to remind you guys about the PS1 and PS2. Sony consoles always start slow. Don't you guys remember the PS2 vs Dreamcast?. look it up. Its mirroring the PS3 vs x360.

Sayai jin3747d ago

@Enigma_2099- It's called business. Games are getting more and more expensive so expect more and more dev's will look for more money.

sumfood4u3747d ago

Thoes who hate RPG are finally realizing the effect of good graphics an good story!

JokesOnYou3747d ago

"You guys are talking like its over already when all 3 current console installbase (PS3+wii+x360) is just about half of the PS2 installbase."

You are missing the point, nobody in their right mind is saying "its over already" just because micro beat sony in Japan for the week, Iam simply saying that its a major sign of progress for micro, thats all and only a hater would deny that....sure micro will end up in a distant last place in Japan but considering the culture this is a big accomplishment, ha ha why do you sound so heartbroken, as if this personally bothers you? Did you lose some money on a bet or something?=


cmrbe3747d ago

I don't care like that. I know that x360 dosen't have a chance. Its when you guys talk like its the end of the console war that i respond.

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Mao3747d ago

I will say this, I wouldn't be surprised with the price cut if MS outsells PS3 in NPD. As for global sales, this game could go a long way to delievering the first XBOX 360 victory in a long time.

I know Sony fans are celebrating now, but next month could be different. IF of course Sony wins in August, then THAT will be something big to cheer about!

doshey3747d ago

if sony wins next month then i think ms may be in trouble but i doubt it dude to the fact it is getting close to the new models launch date so dont really expect much for sales wise next month

Angelitos3747d ago

Then next week, they hate it.

LightningPS33747d ago

That's more than I expected. 360 will probably outsell PS3 in Japan this month.

PirateThom3747d ago

Approve this, it's media crate, it's the correct numbers unlike VGChartz