Microsoft Responds To July NPD Sales, Seems Pleased

The Xbox 360 may have had a humbling hardware showing in July, according to U.S. sales data from the NPD Group, but the company as a whole seems quite pleased about the month in general. The first four paragraphs of its statement don't talk about NPDs at all, instead choosing to focus on its E3 showing and G4's G-Phoria Award noms.

On the qualitative side, Microsoft touts "more than $US 10.4 billion" worth of Xbox 360 spending since launch, a 34% software sales share in July, and four games in the top ten. It's also got those attach rate figure updates for you, with 7.9 games per Xbox 360 sold.

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sonarus3749d ago

Excellent spin if i ever saw one. I am still waiting on your promise to outsell the PS3. Yr is almost over and i am still waiting. Please notify me when you are ready to start outselling them

mikeslemonade3749d ago

Install base>everything. Software sales are meaningless. Look at the Wii.

Skadoosh3749d ago

Software sales are meaningless? HAHA, Software sales IS EVERYTHING! HAHAHA, that comment was priceless.

TOSgamer3749d ago

Their appeal beyond the 14 million U.S. Xbox 1 owners seems to be extremely limited. I mean when you do a price drop and your sales go down from the previous month (June = 219k units, July = 204k units). That is a very bad sign. But I guess we can wait til September to decide for sure. If the $199 Arcade doesn't boost sales by a lot then MS has officially hit the wall.

Montrealien3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I think as long as any console sells in the 200k range, it is good. 10 years ago we couldn't even imagine a market that could support more the 2 consoles, now we have three home consoles selling a million each month! Portables going through the roof! This is only good for the industry as a whole, and none of the consoles are going anywhere, anytime soon with those kinds of numbers....even the ps2! lol

All I see are people referring to the console war, MS said this, Sony is doing that, are we forgetting the true winner here? All of us! The gaming industry is thriving, competition is rampant and great games are coming from all over the place. Such a great time to be a gamer, never a good time to be a hater.

Masko3749d ago

well said Montrealien. competition is good for the industry. some people are too blinded by fanboyism to see it.

mikeslemonade3749d ago

Well with the generic unreal 3 engine games you must be a fan of those to say that it's a great time to be a gamer. Give me something new i'm tired of all these generic games.

Montrealien3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

yeah, ok mike. Keep on drinking that lemonade ;D And no, I'm not a huge fan of those the Unreal engine, but I don't make a mountain out of a mole hill either. I stand by what I said.

TheMART3749d ago

@ Sonaurus

You're spinning more then any company out there dude

"Please notify me when you are ready to start outselling them"

Dude, the PS3 sold what, 250k more then the 360 in the first 6 months of 2008. Go count how long it will take to outsell the remaining 5.5 to 7 mln. gap thats still there in sales.

I am waiting for your calculation.

Second: you forget this fact, that is a VERY strong one:

every console starts selling to the masses and kicks into higher gear when it gets around or under 200 bucks. The 360 will be on that pricelevel first, before the PS3 does.

You go watch the salescounter. You'll be surprised how the PS3rd is 3rd and will stay 3rd this gen.

silverchode3749d ago

5.5 to 7 million gap? where do you get your info?

hfaze3749d ago

TheMART gets all of his sales figures from VG Chartz ;-)

sonarus3749d ago

lol its funny how every time both companies announce their sales figures its always shocking to see how close Sony is getting to Microsoft. Msoft has been out for twice the time as the PS3 and PS3 is like 5million units behind.

kevoncox3749d ago

Everyone forgets.
1) MGS4 luanched during this time. I guess MGS4 had the same effect Halo 3 had ( a solid month and then bak to normal).

2) Why can't anyone realize that the 360 has not had a lot of price uts like the ps3. The console arcade is 279 , thats 20.00 heaper than it was 3 years ago. The satuation has dried up for this price cut. MS knows this but is in no hurry to to go lower since Sony is no longer the Sony of old( 3 years and 14 million units from a 150 million user base)

3) I laugh at how sony's fanbase has gone from saying the Ps3 will destory the xbox in 1 years time, to 2 years, to 3 years! Yes Sony will catch and surpass the 360 but it will be in atleast year 4 for the 360 and will leave Sony with 2 years of dominance. This has nothing to do with the userbase either. Remember, that developers will still go where people purchase games and it's been proven that MS fanboys by games in droves.

LostCypher113749d ago

go tell the games devs that software sales i'll meaningless. they'll gladly tell you otherwise

red5ive3748d ago

YEAH? well no one messes with cobra kai. biatch!

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toughNAME3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I bought 6 Xbox 360 exclusives in the month of July. Your Welcome.

chanto233749d ago

and affordable aren't they??

fermcr3749d ago

You already have 20 Disagree just by saying you bought 6 games in July.

This site is becoming a joke. PS3 is a great console, but their fanboys, i really dislike them.

krakdol3749d ago

ah ah asteroids ? banjo pinata ? pacman ? Seriously... Wake me up when XBL has half the quality of PSN games (Eden, Monsters, super stardust hd, ratchet boot, siren...). Or when you get a MGS4 quality game.

thereapersson3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

That either means A) You have too much money to waste on games, B) You have too much free time on your hands, or a combination of A and B.

6 games? What exactly were they? I know for a fact that most of them probably didn't deserve the 60 dollar price you paid for them, unless you bought a few XBLA titles, and then that's a different story.

Oh, and @ 2.2: ToughNAME gets his disagrees regardless of his statements because he is a known rabble-rouser. He likes to say things to get the fanboys riled up, but all it does half the time is waste N4G bandwidth. He's a fanboy who's given up on constantly complaining about disagrees, so now he actually thrives off of them, and strives to earn them whenever possible. Actually, Breakfast and Him both exhibit the same behavior, but there's still a bit of a difference between the two.

Montrealien3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

yeah krakdol, umm well said....

make sure to refrain from saying Geometry wars 2 and Braid, mentally blocking the games worth mentioning...What's your PSN Krakdol? Mon score dans Stardust est meilleur que le tiens je gage!

and I got a quality game like MGS4 thank you. It's called having both consoles, not being a F*****.

Tarasque3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

"Eden, Monsters, super stardust hd, ratchet boot, siren...). Or when you get a MGS4 quality game."

Ok first off everyone is entitled to an opinion so here is mine. Ok i hated eden after playing the demo i didn't even think twice about that game. Now monsters on the other hand i enjoyed but the replay value wore off quick with me. Love super stardust, ratchet quest for booty didn't know that was out already or siren for that matter. Love the ratchet series but siren sucks balls played the demo hated it. Actually i enjoy pain more than i do all titles on PSN. Ok and as far as a quality game of MGS4 you mean something that has hours and hours of cutscenes? With 10 hours of gameplay and can be beat in 3 hours! Or you mean something with god awful AI? Or mean something with terrible online play? Is that the quality you are talking about

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King Me3749d ago

They must be dizzy from all the spin : )

Bnet3433749d ago

Yeah, but you have to admit it was pretty good. They now tout attach rate. Cheesy, but it's the way it's suppose to be handled.

Tarasque3749d ago

Maybe i should change my avatar having something to do with sony and i will automatically get 15 agrees.

Nineball21123749d ago

Tarasque posted: "Maybe i should change my avatar having something to do with sony and i will automatically get 15 agrees."

Or maybe you could post comments that aren't gratuitous flame-bait slams against a game such as (and I quote) "as far as a quality game of MGS4 you mean something that has hours and hours of cutscenes? With 10 hours of gameplay and can be beat in 3 hours! Or you mean something with god awful AI? Or mean something with terrible online play? Is that the quality you are talking about"

I dunno... you think that had something to do with your disagrees rather than your avatar? Naw... couldn't be.

ass_divine3749d ago

7.9 games per 360 is amazing!

MikeGdaGod3749d ago

not really considering the 360 was out a whole year without any "next-gen" competition. it's the same as the lead they have with consoles.

jaysquared3749d ago

Attach rate doesn't have nothing to do with which console comes out first.. The attach rate just tells you which consoles gamers are buying. When the PS3 first launched it was mostly bought by movie buffs who wanted a cheap blu ray player that's why they only had a 1-2 game attach rate. Since the price drop and a lot more games are coming more gamers are actually buying the PS3.

titntin3749d ago

..thats a common misconception often touted by those in denial.

Of course attach rate is affected by how long the machine has been available. If you've had you machine for only 1 month you may well have only 1 or 2 games for it. If you've had it for 5 years you've probably had at least 20 and probably more. Stop me if it gets too complicated.

The only figure that matters is the monthly attach rate i.e. what percentage of a machines owners went and bought a game in the last month. Do the figures - in any territory, in any month since before October last year, you'll find a higher proportion of Ps3 owners buy software than any other machine.With a higher install base, that still means another machine can shift significantly more software of course... :)

I'm not going to suggest what that means, except to say that people that hold on to a disproven assertion that PS3 owners don't buy games are obviously self delusional, and would rather believe fanboy rhetoric than reality.

JayD-1K3749d ago

all this realy tells me is, at launch PS3 owners weren't buying crapy ports! they had some realy nice games out but with all the fud on the net, it was hard for the average buyer to see that. now that the games on the PS3 have been on par (talking about multi-plats), titles like MGS4 have been shown in a positive light, and the PSN has grown up a lil, PS3 owners have no real reason not to buy games for the system or the system itself for that matter.

thereapersson3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

But how many of those games are actually worth buying? I'm sure the Wii has a pretty good attach rate too, but we all know the story of its software library.

Actually, most 360 gamers I know buy games and then take them back to gamestop for another title via trade-in. No company accounts for that, just as no company accounts for consoles sent in and out due to malfunction.

3749d ago
titntin3749d ago

I do pity you poor kids! :)

I had a 360 long before I had a PS3 and have played more games on that system. I still do and I still enjoy it. But only the infantile pretend the PS3 has 'no games', daft little mummy boys who obviously can't persuade their parents to buy more than one machine.
People who's balls have dropped and like to actually play games, will concede that all the machines have some great games and its worth owning every single one of them. I'll be first in line for GEARS2 and FABLE2 soon - and maybe even TOO HUMAN, but I won't miss out on RESISTANCE2 or LBP or MOTORSTORM. Only real cretins restrict their gameplay experiences because of corporate loyalties to a faceless company that don't give a fig about them. Maybe when you grow up you'll become a real gamer. :)

MikeGdaGod3749d ago

i get tired of trying to explain common sense over and over again

FunkyBunch3749d ago

I really wonder if that includes XBLA games. If the average XB360 owner has 3 or more XBLA games that attach rate doesn't sound so spectacular anymore.

I would appreciate knowing what the breakdown of the attach rate is: bargain bin games, free games, XBLA games, New Releases, etc.

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Chuck Norris3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

"Xbox 360 titles accounted for $129 million, or 34% share, in game sales in July. Of that, Xbox 360 generated $121 million at retail for third-party publishers, or 42% of share. (July NPD data)"

In other words, Mircrosoft Game Studios only managed $8 million at retail.

"Couple that with our exclusive partnership with Netflix and a blockbuster games library boasting more than 1,000 titles including "Lips," "You're in the Movies" and Best Action Game of E3 "Gears of War 2" (Game Critics Awards), and Xbox 360 is on track to deliver a record-breaking holiday and keep the momentum going into 2009."

When you're touting Lips and You're in the Movies as 2 of your biggest games in the fall, you know you're in trouble.

games4fun3749d ago

the only thing chuck norris spins is the world he is actually standing still when he kicks

i came up with that one ^^^^^^^^^^^

Chuck Norris3749d ago

Chuck Norris does not actually land his kicks, you just get blown away by the awesomeness of seeing it.

LossTheEarthbreaker3749d ago

I'm really starting to lean towards my PS3. Getting more playtime in the future, methinks. 360 has grinded to a halt. I really don't see much on the horizon to be excited about that I won't be playing on my PS3.

ActionBastard3749d ago

You know the tears of Chuck Norris can cure cancer. Only thing is, Chuck Norris NEVER CRIES!

3749d ago
juuken3749d ago

Lol, so true Chuck, so true.

Guwapo773749d ago

Chuck Norris doesn't walk on water, he swims through land.

thereapersson3749d ago

There is no 'ctrl' button on Chuck Norris's computer. Chuck Norris is always in control.

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3749d ago
3749d ago
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