Shenmue 3 Will Get Ragdoll Reaction Thanks To Latest Stretch Goal

Shenmue 3 combat just got a lot better thanks to the ragdoll reaction stretch goal, unlocked via the Slacker Backer campaign.

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Festano1021d ago

Still far from the $10 million goal :( Guess I had too high expectations for this funding.

Philface1021d ago

I feel sorry for this project as I thought it would have been funded more than this.

Septic1021d ago

It deserves more than Kickstarter funding that's for sure.

3-4-51021d ago

Shenmue won't succeed as much as it could unless they do an HD version of Shenmue 1&2, and have that release before 3.

* It's a game built on a continuous story, you NEED to play the first two, otherwise it won't have the same impact.

* It's like if you watched Return of the Jedi, but never said ANH or ESB.

gangsta_red1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

I don't think even an HD version of Shenmue would help. The open world mechanics and design are just far to outdated to reel in and hook new or younger gamers.

SegaGamer1020d ago


Well the goal isn't to bring in new gamers anyway, Shenmue 3 is being made for the fans of the series. If new people jump on board then that would just be a little bonus.

showtimefolks1020d ago

just release shenmue 1-2 HD(come on sony you and sega are close partners i am sure you all can figure out a way)

release it and use the money earned to fund shenmue 3

shenmue was a game ahead of it's time and i truly believe if released via HD collection that the collection could easily move 2-3 million units(i know that seems high but the series has gained a huge following and now more people would give the games a chance)

SirBradders1021d ago

Either way if the game does well it could provide the ground for either a new Shenmue or new ip all together I'm glad this man's back in action him and his team talent will rub off on others.

ChrisW1021d ago

What?!? Ragdoll reactions because they met a goal? Come on, people! It's almost 2016! Who the hell doesn't do ragdoll reactions in major releases?

If this is how no-brainers are going to be determined in the game, by reaching "goals", I have a bad feeling about it.

Septic1021d ago

This is what I mean by this title being hemorrhaged by this kind of funding. But alas, its either this or no Shenmue so .....*shrugs*

Alexious1021d ago

Well, you're right about that. To be honest though, they never specified what they meant exactly - maybe it's just "better" ragdoll reaction.

To me, a great ragdoll reaction is very important during melee combat. Let's hope they do it right.

retrogamer091021d ago

What do you expect? This game will be nothing more than a AA game. 6 million bucks in funding even if they're getting a little more through outside funding is not enough to make a true Shemue game.

GameDev11021d ago

Ahhh because acquiring the program and the dev to get the right ragdoll physics for an AAA game is so easy nowadays

DigitalRaptor1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

In a day & age where middleware and third party engines does much of the stuff that had to be meticulously researched and created from scratch back in the 90s, I think those still hanging on to the budget as a problem for a new Shenmue really have no idea at all, are just being disingenuous or enjoying the controversy where they can find it.

I still expect that these people are unaware that the $70 million budget that Sega heralded was PR figure to market this as the big upcoming innovative RPG that you had to own cause they were spending so much money on it. It was the big dog of the Dreamcast and Sega needed the publicity.

Suzuki later came out to confirm this and that Shenmue I & II together cost around $47 million, which again included marketing. So that would be roughly $23 million per game. This also takes into account the Saturn version of the games which were in development for 4 years, and then that progress was scrapped. Imagine how much of that $47 million was 4 years of scrapped work, only to go out to do R&D on brand new innovative technology for a new console.

When it comes to Shenmue people really love to grasp on to that $70 million figure and compare it to $7 million, when the number was actually invented in the first place. These people that expect a grand sprawling modern open-world from Shenmue III, despite that not being Shenmue's DNA. You only even have to look at the where the story was headed to know it's not going to be another Shenmue II in scope and rural Chinese villages are not as epic as Hong Kong and Kowloon's location.

mushroomwig1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

I was thinking the same thing, where will this trend end? A stretch goal for a soundtrack? Voice acting? Rumble support?

It's all very basic stuff, these stretch goals are essentially becoming the new DLC. Want things that should be common place in a game? You pay more!

ChrisW1020d ago

It's like they're trying to follow the Star Citizen formula which, while I have purchased an Orion and am wholeheartedly looking forward to the game, is getting ridiculous!

Angeljuice1020d ago

New stretch goal:

If they receive a further 2 million, the main character gets a left leg (otherwise he just hops everywhere).

Another 500k and they will use coloured graphics.

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Ausbo1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

maybe if they made it available on more platforms, they would get more. Yeah it costs more to develop for more, but the extra money from Microsoft and Nintendo gamers should outweigh the added dev costs.

Or, since its currently a sony console exclusive, maybe they should step up to the plate.

retrogamer091021d ago

Actually with DX12 the cost to port from PC to XB1 is next to nothing. This has been proven with Elite Dangerous among other games.

GameDev11021d ago

Dont you think it is up to MS and Nintendo to back the campaign like Sony is??

And yeah it does take dev work thereby more money to port games to numerous platforms but this is not a Sony thing, it is more of a Sega getting support from a publisher who wants to see this franchise again, if other publishers dont show the support then they clearly arent willing to put up money

Alexious1021d ago

SEGA has basically nothing to do with Shenmue III.

GameDev11021d ago


Isnt Yu Suzuki still under Sega?

Well that even gives him more reason for this kickstarter and why the only publisher backing them gives them first right to the game on their console

Ausbo1021d ago

Why would Microsoft or Nintendo support a game that isn't even in the works for their console

gangsta_red1021d ago

If Sony was truly backing this campaign, Shenmue would have been met all their goals.

Sony is also taking a wait and see approach and playing it safe by telling everyone they are helping with "marketing" for the game.

GameDev11021d ago


What you are describing is Sony developing the game like a third party exclusive. It was made clear this is Yu Suzuki project but Sony will back with marketing whatever comes to fruition and also back some dev costs if interest is met

This game is obviously risky so yes Sony can play it safe and as well give support. Who says they cant do both

gangsta_red1021d ago


No, what I am saying is Sony could "fund" the game like they are supposedly doing with SFV.

SFV is still a Capcom IP and a project they still own. Sony is only "funding" the project and making it so it only appears on the PS4 console (and PC).

Sony could do the same type of solid for Shenmue but chose not to, so they are not doing both as you said.

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