Halo: Reach Doesn’t Run Very Well On Xbox One

It’s awesome that Microsoft added backwards compatibility for (some) Xbox 360 games to Xbox One, but it’s hardly a perfect situation. One of most demanded games for compatibility, Halo: Reach, comes with a crappy frame rate.

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Septic1002d ago

Well that sucks. Hope it's sorted out soon

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ShadowKnight1001d ago

@The_Infected One of the reason's why I decided to keep my old console's just in case BC didn't work that well. Always good to have a plan B. I still have the first Xbox.Hopefully they work it out though because Halo Reach is a great game.

Genuine-User1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Gears of War 2 and 3 still run rather poor through emulation.

I agree, it's best to keep your Xbox 360 if you want to re/visit older games.

medman1001d ago

I kept my 360 and ps3, even though I don't play games on them very much anymore. It's nice to know if I ever want to go back I can, but my backlog is ridiculous as it is with current gen titles...I even have games through psplus and xbox live gold like God of War Ascension and The Witcher 2 sitting there, waiting to be played, and I have no idea when I'll find time for them. I guess it's a good problem to have, all things considered.

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akurtz1001d ago

@Genuine-user my favorite games on the 360, it was sad to see them with bad frame rate issues thru bc.

ThePresentIsAgift1001d ago

I don't remember it running particularly well on 360?

shabz66611000d ago

for the most part it did but there were certain sections in the campaign where frame rate got super choppy. particularly at the end of the sword base mission where you shoot banshees out of the sky with a rocket launcher. and final waves of firefight. even the bonus rounds with grunts only in firefight.

YinYangGaming1002d ago

Yep haven't played through it again yet because of the frame issues, hopefully this can be fixed with an update or patch

Kiwi661001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

If the guy in the 2nd video is saying its unplayable then why did he continue playing it if its that bad , that doesn't make sense

Sciurus_vulgaris1001d ago

I have seen other videos that state that the deeps occur at certain areas. Reach always had deeps on 360 during certain battles/set pieces. Oddly digital foundry is not doing framerate tests on 360 emulation.

Kingdomcome2471001d ago

They actually did a video praising it while playing Fallout 3 via BC. OT: I was going to purchase this since I haven't played it, but I'll hold off for a bit.

Kiwi661001d ago

So i guess you can't ask questions on here about something from the article going by the disagrees

twiggytree121000d ago


He made the video to demonstrate how poorly the game was running....

How on earth is he going to do that if he isn't playing the game?

Yama1001d ago

The point that it's not in the MCC at 1080/60 really is too bad. Game had such a beautiful art direction, it really would have shined. My favorite story and would have been fun to play co-op on dedicated.

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The story is too old to be commented.