SNK Playmore Focusing On PS4 Because Of High Sales, Publisher Wants To Make Better Use Of Other IPs

WCCFT: SNK is a publisher that requires no introduction as it has developed and published some of the best arcade games of the 90s. The Japanese company faced a major change in recent times with a bigger focus on the Pachinko business but it's been confirmed not too long ago that the company's main focusing is switching back to gaming, with a new entry of the King of Fighters series currently in development for PlayStation 4. There's a lot of curiosity surrounding this change and more on the matter has recently emerged online with a new interview with SNK Playmore Executive Yutaka Noguchi.

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Majin-vegeta962d ago

God yes Capcom vs SNK 3,New Metalslug,New Samurai showdown,Fatal Fury etc....pls make it happen.

gangsta_red962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

You mean SNK vs Capcom 2 ;)

Kyosuke_Sanada962d ago

I'd be up for another SNK vs Capcom.

962d ago
TFJWM962d ago

If they can actually make a solid Samurai Showdown I might get back into fighting games...

darthv72961d ago

Majin... you may want Capcom vs SNK 3 but that is not what SNK made. That is what Capcom made.

SNK made SvC Chaos (SNK vs Capcom). So Gangsta would be correct in saying SNK vs Capcom 2.

Minimox16961d ago

Yeah Capcom vs. SNk 3
SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom 2
New Samurai Shodown
New Metal Slug ( or and adventure type like metal slug 3d 3th person)
New Fatal Fury or Garou: Mark of the Wolves?
New Shock Trooper
New Last Blade


XisThatKid961d ago

I see what ya did there...and I approve :D
SVC2 would be the BLAM

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amiga-man962d ago

And people still say sales don't matter,

Majin-vegeta962d ago

Exactly. KOF 13 Was Multiplat and look at KOF XIV now it's exclusive to PS4.

Herbalistic962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

Sales do matter a lot because very often studios support the machine with the higher market share.Its going to be real hard for MS to get anymore 3rd party deals without paying a huge fee due the PS4 winning huge worldwide..I really doubt any major publisher goes down the Rise of Tomb Raider timed route again.

Automatic79962d ago

I think these Japanese companies selling on one system is what makes them bankrupt in the first place. Everyone knows Fighting games do well on Xbox One. Look at Mortal Kombat and KillerInstinct, two well received fighting games. I guess the double standard exist with Japanese companies when it comes to Xbox. I wonder how PS4 players Cheering these third party deals on PS4 would feel if suddenly all American developers started backing Xbox One and snubbed PS4. Lol.

962d ago
BadBoyC962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

This all goes back to what I was saying before.

For example, if I had a small independent studio and I couldn't afford to put my games on both consoles and had to choose 1 console to put my game on then which console am I most likely going to put my game on? Am I going to put my game on the console with 18 million sales or 33 million sales? Of course I'm most likely going to put it on the console with the most sales. More sales = more games.

Also, publishers and developers aren't going to support a console that Isn't selling well so for the people that keep saying "Sales don't matter". Yeah, okay.. keep telling yourselves that but don't forget to tell the Wii U that as well.



Sales no longer matter when their console isn't in the lead anymore.

This argument goes both ways pal. Don't come here and act like Xbox players didn't care about sales or didn't brag about sales last generation.


Are you really pulling out the Japanese patriotism card as being 1 of the reasons Japanese developers and publishers like SNK Playmore are not putting their games on the Xbox One? If so, please stop...

Look, western orientated games typically sell well on PlayStation consoles like the PS4 and always have sold well on the PlayStation consoles, so it makes sense for western developers to support the PS4. Whereas Japanese orientated games typically have a history of selling terribly on Xbox consoles so it makes sense for Japanese developers to not wanna support the Xbox One. I don't think Japanese games appeal to the Xbox fanbase that much. In fact, I've constantly seen Xbox players bashing Japanese games by calling them "weirdo games" and things of that sort so I can't say I blame Japanese developers for not putting their games on the Xbox One. Don't get upset and blame Japanese developers for not putting their games on the Xbox One. Blame your fellow Xbox players for bashing Japanese games and not supporting them.

Tito08962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

@Michaelito79 Not really, look back at Capcom, Namco, Square, even Konami, they mostly supported the PS2 back when it was the lead console, the instal base was 4x bigger than XBOX & Gamecube base combined, pretty much it wad Tecmo that supported XBox for the fact Itagaki was a fanboy of the brand, now that he's no longer with the company, Tecmo doesn't care anymore, same scenario with PS1 as well, they mostly didn't feel the need to make games multiplatform because the base was big enough for a big game to sell, like GTA: San Andreas, it sold over 20m on PS2 alone, and did poorly on others, you seem you was born yesterday, the reason why last generation recieved mostly multiplats was because of the fact all consoles were all selling high numbers, with the exception of the Wii, 3rd parties could not ignore both PS3 and 360, and for that reason it was why Microsoft released the 360 too soon to market and with a lot of defecting consoles, but proved to be an strategy in their favor, but the tables have turned in Sony's favor, and that proves that XBox is far from being an overall recognising gaming brand like PS does, just happens that the US market, the COD/Assassin's Creed/Madden market is what's keeping the XBox brand going, yearly releases, so sad. The truth is, Japanese games are more successful on PS consoles, like it or not. And please, MK and KI are good IPs, but not as good as SF, KOF, GGX, BB, SC and Tekken.

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gangsta_red962d ago

Capcom vs SNK was made by Capcom, so a part 3 would have to be done by Capcom.

SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos was done by SNK so since this article is about SNK, that would more than likely mean if SNK were to make a sequel it would be for SvC Chaos.

Last_Boss962d ago

Agree for both of ya'll, but Capcom does cvs series.

paulogy962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

Whether it's Capcom vs. SNK or SNK vs. Capcom, with both companies now making PS4-exclusive fighting games, perhaps a future collaboration is more likely :-)

showtimefolks961d ago

where are those of you who say stuff like sales don't matter? and why should gamers care for sales?

bigger sales equal to more software support from around the world

50-55 million ps4 sold by december 31st 2016

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Godmars290962d ago

Still, would love to see more sprite based graphics. Though because of costs we'll only get polygons.

FlexLuger961d ago

+1 ... I would have loved to have seen this game get the full blaz blue style treatment with high detail 2D sprites. Still, I have my sega saturn and X360 ports of the older KOF games, for my fix.

Herbalistic962d ago

Many Japanese studios are finding their user base to be on PS4 and PC platforms.

Godmars290962d ago

They're making titles with little if any real regards towards HD you mean. Not going bankrupt as a result.

Alexious962d ago

Well, these are the most successful platforms currently.

It's hardly surprising.

gangsta_red962d ago

I don't understand why SNK can't make a game with graphics that are at least current gen looking. They have spent every gen behind the curve (except when they first launched). It's amazing that they can't seem to get any artists to match Tekken, DOA, SF or Guilty Style of graphics.

With all that said, I would like to see SNK bring back other popular titles updated, rebooted, remade, re-envisioned like Ikari Warriors, Magician Lord, Samurai Showdown RPG, Sengoku...and for the love of gawd..Mark of the Wolves 2!

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