EA's Celebrity Sports Showdown Gives Me The Chance to Punch Fergie in the Face

Not being content with releasing Dead Space, Rock Band 2, Crysis, and the million other games coming out this holiday season, EA has announced that they're developing Celebrity Sports Showdown to be released this fall. Apparently, they're also not happy with how completely unsaturated the Wii casual sports market has been thus far.

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Sandwich Bender3750d ago

I finally get to live my dream of Curling with Nelly Furtado!

Bnet3433750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

That is not ugly in my book.

wrong rely, but w/e


Fergie: Great Body. Face like a pig.

Nostradavis3750d ago

THANK YOU! I am not the only one who does not find that girl attractive!!!

Twizlex3750d ago

I liked her little red shorts in that one video, but I've been grossed out ever since she peed herself on stage.

Filet of Children3750d ago

If I could 'agree' with you seven hundred times, I would.

TMRBac3750d ago

And this is somehow news?

gynecologistcobra3750d ago

Its a game being announced. That's news, yes.

InMyOpinion3750d ago

I'd love to curbstomp Linkin Park or some other fashion metal emo band. Only problem with it is I wouldn't want to buy a game that has artists like that in it.