Console Monster: Red Faction: Guerrilla Preview

Console Monster writes: "It's been some time since we've seen a Red Faction game to satisfy our destructible environment needs. Thankfully we shouldn't have to wait too much longer as the next installment in the series is due out next year. Having not wanted to wait till then, I was somewhat pleased when the Red Faction: Guerilla (RF:G) multiplayer beta was announced. I was lucky enough to get one of the beta codes, and so here I am to bring you my opinion.

The glaringly obvious change for the series is the jump in the viewpoint, form 1st person to 3rd person. Whilst I was a bit wary of this change to begin with, it does open up the game for some new features that may not have worked in a 1st person game. Despite this huge change, the core appeal of the series still remains the same - the destructible environments.

The previous Red Faction games were some of the only games of their time which offered decent destructible environments. However, this time around, Red Faction has to contend with the recently released Battlefield: Bad Company, which also offers some serious destruction. I am pleased to say that the destruction in RF:G is a thing of beauty. Pillars crumble and walls blow apart wonderfully, and there are plenty different tools to aid your destruction..."

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