Home Invites Go Out

TheSixthAxis: "We don't know whether this is the only round of emails or not, but the first batch of Home invites has just gone out - check your email to see if you're amongst the lucky few. We think it's Europe only at the moment, but this should expand to the States soon enough."

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Zerodin3749d ago ShowReplies(14)
DarkBlade3749d ago

So it seem that US might be in a lil while(like in a Day or two or maybe next week?

Overr8ed3749d ago

Dang Betas are going left and Right. Thanks Sony =)

gta_cb3749d ago

i live in the UK and havnt got an e-mail yet =( i hope if they have gone out that you can recieve one at any point as i would like to try this out =)

robep33748d ago

AH there is no place like HOME!

whoelse3748d ago

There are more invites coming. A mod on the EU forums said that more will be coming each week.

abcdog10003748d ago

What did u do. how much are u ONLINE, how many TROPHIES do u have, and how much are u in the PLAYSTAION STORE.

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whoelse3749d ago

Im still waiting for my email :)

THC CELL3749d ago

im waiting also i hope i am in

Rice3749d ago

how do u get these invites?

Mr_Kuwabara3749d ago

Download the HOME theme from PSN and you automatically register to be part of the beta.

iHEARTboobs3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Yeah, what Mr Kuwabara said. And i'm assuming you'd get a message in your inbox on the XMB if you're invited.

Edit: Ahhh, i see. That would make more sense. Anyhow, i hope i get an invite to the party!

riderofpl4gues3749d ago

its the e-mail that you use to sign in to the playstation network. that e-mail address will get the invite.

gta_cb3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

i live in the UK and i cant see the HOME theme available for download. although i have downloaded it using my american account =/


i have found out that Sony are targeting people in Europe on the time spent online etc this information was provided on the PS forums

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