Get two free games with purchase of Steam Controller, Steam Link or select Steam Machines

Gamers can currently get the PC digital versions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Left 4 Dead 2 for free by either buying a Steam Controller, Steam Link or select Steam Machines.

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badz149816d ago

I thought that they are gonna give more games to choose from. Disappointed!

Scatpants816d ago

Wow thanks for the ancient games. You might as well have had it come with one of those ball and cup games or a hoop that you push down the street with a stick.

arkard816d ago

hmmm just got the link and controller for christmas, would have like to been able to get one of those games as well.

DualWielding816d ago

controller looks like shit

Feralkitsune816d ago

It actually works amazingly.

sofocado809d ago

The controller looks better than the others. And it works better than the others controllers.