UGO: Naruto: The Broken Bond Preview

UGO writes: "Anime/manga-derived video games generally suffer for being totally inaccessible to franchise newcomers. Unless you know what happened in episodes 43 through 1,073, chances are you're going to be lost. The Naruto series is no different, but that didn't stop Ubisoft Montreal's Xbox 360-exclusive Naruto: Rise of a Ninja from being fun to play. Now Naruto is preparing for a return to Microsoft's console and this time he's brought some friends in Naruto: The Broken Bond.

Hybrid Play in Naruto: The Broken Bond

For anyone who played Rise of a Ninja, The Broken Bond's mash-up of RPG, fighting game and puzzle-based platformer will be entirely familiar. The game is set immediately after the events of the previous one, covering episodes 80 through 135 for fans of the anime. Although the gameplay is similar, there are a few new tweaks to make things more interesting."

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That would be Shikamaru's Shadow Possession Jutsu sir!