Exclusive interview with LittleBigPlanet Co-Creator Mark Healey

Co-Creator of LittleBigPlanet, Mark Healey. We worked hard for this, and they were nice enough to give us some in-depth answers. Give it a read, it's got some great information.

We are a little unclear as to the purpose of the moon. Does it represent local save space or online hosting space? If it is local, then is there a limit to the amount a player can upload?

It represents your local save space (hard drive). There are about 100 slots for to experiment in. There is a limit to what you can upload – but it will be possible to earn more….

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beast3746d ago

Little Dissapointed about no JPEG from HDD. But Nothing can stop LBP

TheDude2dot03746d ago

I'm not entirely sure how this photo thing works. What exactly happens? Do I need to use my EyeToy in-game?

And yes, LBP will be sweet. But the thought of all the penis maps that will be uploaded is alarming. I hope they implement a good report function.

I can imagine my friends making a bunch of maps where penises are flying and falling on you and stuff. They are pretty dumb friends.

mfwahwah3746d ago

^ They have. It's called "griefing" a level.

Hot_tea3746d ago

They could add jpeg manipulation if they wanted later on too.

spectyre3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

They won't be able to get their hands on the PS3 for at least six months after this comes out.
Excellent interview. Great questions not just the tired old stuff from every other gaming site.

proArchy3746d ago

I would like to play it with my kids, but every time I think of this game I get all mad Scientist-ish. I assume they will cry when they see Demon Overlords devouring Sackboys and kittens from their thrones in Hell. Kids just don't understand Dante's Inferno, nor should they. I might have to buy another PS3 to appease them.

SmokingMonkey3746d ago

Tutorial! nice for those who say this game will bomb, they don't want to learn anything new...:(
The switches OMG, endless endless, endless possibilities with those.
Talking Mouths for instructions!
BluePrint give aways!
the word/term "POPIT" loved it!

<<<<<<wipes foam from mouth, then the keyboard.