David Jaffe: Miyamoto not as popular as Spielberg due to lack of boxart credit

Speaking on his blog in an extended post, video game designer David Jaffe vociferously claimed that Shigeru Miyamoto - and even Will Wright - is not as well-known as Steven Spielberg because there is no mention of him on box art, for the games he creates. "...Plus, granted Miyamoto and Wright are not as big of names as Spielberg. BUT THAT IS BECAUSE MIYAMOTO AND WRIGHT DON'T HAVE NAMES ABOVE PRODUCTS and they don't have ability to negotiate for the sort of press treatment and PR perks that movie folks get (which, in turn, turns them into brand names).

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Silogon3746d ago

Jaffe's time to kiss ass a little bit. nice work, maybe we'll see your name plastered on your next game. Thanks for the warrning.

Zerodin3746d ago

David Jaffe not as popular as Miyamoto.

doshey3746d ago

still made a great franchise but he is popular too just cuz of gow just not as popular

chaostheory3746d ago

You realise that this article is actually about him complaining that developers do not get enough credit for the games that they create and not about himself, right?

doshey3746d ago

hey dont pick on him its not his fault he cant read

deeznuts3746d ago

doshey you got it all wrong. he can read.

comprehension. now that's a completely different matter!

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NewSchoolGamer3746d ago

but I trust David jaffe more. lol

David jaffe(kickass god of war franchise)

Myamoto(casual wii) :(


Miyamoto is a good guy just needs to lay off the loads of money for a while.

zypher3746d ago

you do realize that Jaffe's arguing FOR Miyamoto and Wright, and not against them, right?

Gamekilla3746d ago

off topic, but gamer zone is dead on this page...

by shigeru miyamoto

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The story is too old to be commented.