Burnout Paradise to Become Downloadable through PlayStation Network

WorthPlaying writes: "Buckle up and prepare to unleash automotive anarchy in the ultimate burner's paradise as you are given license to wreak havoc in Paradise City, the ultimate seamless racing battleground, with a massive infrastructure of traffic-heavy roads to abuse. Burnout Paradise will be available to download from the US PlayStation Network via the PlayStation Store for $29.99 this fall."

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Tomdc3771d ago

yh ill probably buy this now, especially if its going so cheap. very smart idea I think, to get more buyers =P great news!

NO_PUDding3771d ago

Same TomDC

That's awesome. Smaller overhead and persuade Criterion and EA in general to support PSN.

And apparently it's awesome.

ZombieNinjaPanda3771d ago

What I want to know is, what's the difference between the disk version and the downloadable version.

Will there be graphics differences? Will the DL one be less graphical?

I want to know all of these things, I'm on the border of buying this game with my remaining money.

MikeGdaGod3771d ago

it would be really great if this was playable through remote play

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RainOfTerror3771d ago

Yea, certainly, especially for such a recent title.

Wonder why they picked PSN only though and not XBL, something smells fishy :)

ShAkKa3771d ago

i think that`s because of the file size limit on xbox live marketplace.

LossTheEarthbreaker3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

That's for XBLA. Xbox Live Arcade. That's not true for the entirety of Xbox Live. For example, many movies and even TV shows are larger than 350 MB. Furthermore, there are around 20 or more Xbox 1 titles that are available to download onto your 360, all of which contain more than 350 MB. They are still available.

This is not to say that I expect them to release Paradise as an Xbox Original, as it is clearly not an original Xbox game. My point is that it's entirely possible and that no one has said it isn't going to happen.

They removed that extremely low limit early on in XBLA's life and since the inception of Xbox Originals (original Xbox games available for full download), many very large games are available to download through Xbox Live.

I wouldn't be surprised if we do see Paradise downloadable on both XBLA and PSN.

The original xbox live ARCADE (read: Arcade games, games released on XBLA) was actually capped at 50 MB. They upped it to 150 and again to 350 MB. This only applies to ARCADE GAMES and nothing else. Original Xbox games that you can download on Live are all far larger than 350 MB. They are definitely available. It's astounding that so many people are disagreeing with this.

But then they also added Xbox Originals, which are full Xbox games you download onto the HDD. I guarantee the size of the file (in this case, Burnout Paradise) is not the problem with it coming to Xbox Live, if that's even a problem.

No one has said it isn't going to be downloadable on Live.

Marceles3771d ago

350MB is the cap for was 150MB, and I'm pretty sure the game is much bigger than that

LossTheEarthbreaker3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )


XBOX Originals are ALL far larger than 350 MB.

You damn PS3 fanboys need to stop disagreeing just because you don't like to hear that you might not be the only ones who will have this.


And the limit was actually 50 MB, not 150 MB, when Arcade first launched.

Stop filling this post with blatant lies.

@below: I know that Xbox originals apply to Xbox games. Do you really think I meant to say Paradise is an Xbox 1 game?


My point was that the 350 MB limit you ignoramuses keep spouting is a limit on XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) games ONLY. There are plenty of files, including Xbox Live Originals (my point for why this is completely possible) that are entirely larger than 350 MB.

Stop acting like it won't happen because of something completely unrelated. You can download Burnout 3 on Xbox Live. It's not available in the Arcade. It's an Xbox Original. It's bigger than 350 MB.

See my point?

And you are right that it was moved to 150 before being upped to 350. My point was that it was even lower beforehand and that had no effect on and has no effect on anything other than Arcade games. Not xbox originals and especially not 360 games.

My point isn't that it will be released as an Xbox Original.

My point is that the limit that was posted about is related to ARCADE games. The example for games that are larger than that limit is Xbox Originals.

This is not to say that Burnout Paradise would release in Xbox Originals.

Please try to read this again.

@marceles and barom who said "In other words X360 has no place for full fledged X360 games."

And so therefore it isn't possible for them to add it in? Did the PlayStation Network have some kind of method setup for downloading PS3 games prior to this?

No. Please shut up. Fanboy.

Furthermore, it's even more likely for this to happen on Live than on PSN before this was announced since Xbox Live actually has a method for downloading large titles (Originals). You cannot download PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation Network. Yet. Clearly, it is possible for them to set this up, just as it would be for Xbox Live to setup something for 360 games.

Stop making vast and ignorant generalizations and assumptions that you clearly are not knowledgeable about to keep any kind of side of your argument valid.

@beoulve who said "full games on PSN..hmmmm tell me why XBOX Live is better again? "

Well, Xbox already has full Xbox games up for download. Maybe you meant PS3 titles, but neither PS3 nor 360 have that option, yet.

Also, in regards to the producer claiming this as "another" PlayStation exclusive for burnout paradise, what is already exclusive to PlayStation, other than the Eye? Even in the case of the eye, we have xbox live vision, so mugshots are not exclusive to either system, either.

Please do tell.

@Vicophine who said "LossTheEarthbreaker = Troll, no where in the article does it say it's coming to XBL via download. GTFO"

And you're not trolling by simply coming in here and stating that I'm trolling? I'm not trolling for 360, either. I was trying to remind people that the game is just as good on 360 as PS3, and everyone should have it. Why is that so bad? I was responding to people commenting about Xbox Live and this game prior. Please get your crap straight and try to actually contribute.

Nowhere in the article does it say it ISN'T coming to XBL via download. You GTFO.

Marceles3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Xbox Originals apply to "original" Xbox games, and the cap was formerly 150MB until it was moved to 350 in May...I know it was originally 50 when it first came out.

Edit: Burnout 3 was also on Xbox 1...but fine fine, if it'll make you feel better, they'll release it as an Xbox Original because it's too big for the XBLA cap...they can only release it as any of the 2, so either it's a full xbox 1 game, or it's a 350MB XBLA game, they're not gonna make a separate category specially for Burnout Paradise...not to say it wont happen in the future, but I'm sure they'll have a bigger game than Burnout Paradise to debut the first full 360 game available for calm down sheesh

macalatus3771d ago

@loss the earthbreaker,

Dude, chill down! What they said wasn't anything too negative except what they thought it really was.

3771d ago
ukilnme3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

@ LossTheEarthbreaker

Skadoosh is right. It's a lost cause. Trust me, I know.

Edit: I love the disagrees. Click ignore while you are at it, I love those too.

barom3771d ago

First off this wouldn't apply for Xbox Arcade (cause it ain't an arcade game) OR Xbox Originals (it's not an Xbox game, it's X360 game). In other words X360 has no place for full fledged X360 games.

Second, if you read the playstation blog which is written by the producer of the game he states "Today we’re proud to announce another PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVE for Burnout Paradise."

Maybe you should take a second look before calling everyone fanboys no?

Fat Princess3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

@ Skadoosh: It's you're*

beoulve3771d ago

full games on PSN..hmmmm tell me why XBOX Live is better again?

ZeroBlitz3771d ago

Your point makes no sense. Sure they have Xbox originals above 350MB; and sure they've raised the cap on XBLA games a few times. That doesn't suggest that they'll immediately raise the cap up to several Gig. And they obviously won't add a separate category just for Burnout Paradise - a game that's already sold on disc.

Of course, if some high up guy in Microsoft gets annoyed that it's only online on PSN then they'll add it just to make the point that they aren't behind.

"Give it up man. Your dealing with people with no smarts here."

Horrible wording + bad spelling = smart person?

PirateThom3771d ago

Defensive much?

Face it, Microsoft are talking about downloads. Sony are doing it and still offering the discs as options, third parties are just the next step.

LuvBurger3771d ago

This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with XBL.


Why can't a bit of good news NOT turn into a useless flame war?!?!?!?!

You fanboy's from both sides make me want to &%^#$*! puke sometimes.

For those that disagree, you can come by and hold the bucket.

clintos593771d ago

Nailed it. And that is the reason PSN is pure bad a$$. I dont give a crap what people say about file sizes, but to deliver games like this and warhawk and Siren and Socom. Its something u will never get on live. I am amped.

AKIronMaiden3771d ago

I'm pretty sure, the "XBL Arcade" title applies to all 360 games that are downloadable. Therefore if this game was to be downloaded on the 360 it would be an XBLA game, meaning that there is a cap limit on the size of the game. Just my thoughts though. I'm sure that if it was gonna be on XBL they would've announced that as well as becoming available on the PSN.

rexor07173771d ago

Its right on the PS blog.

drdre743771d ago

there is no way the game would fit on LIVE. M$ has a size limit and sony doesn't. i see more and more games doing it this way on psn. I'm sure LIve will try and answer back once they see sony doing well.

barom3771d ago

"Nowhere in the article does it say it ISN'T coming to XBL via download. You GTFO."

Since you're obviously not intelligent enough to find the info by yourself (even though I've mentioned it in my reply).

The quote
"Today we’re proud to announce another PlayStation exclusive for Burnout Paradise. This fall, we’ll be making the entire game available for download via the US PLAYSTATION Store."

Also regarding your statement "You cannot download PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation Network. Yet. Clearly, it is possible for them to set this up, just as it would be for Xbox Live to setup something for 360 games. "

Are you totally clueless about the PSN? Need I mention that PSN ALREADY has full fledged PLAYSTATION 3 titles (indeed they skipped PS2)? Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Warhawk, GT5P and now Burnout Paradise.

It's quite obvious whos the fanboy here really. You are arguing for something that hasn't been announced (making it seem like it will) and from the producer's statement seems likely that it's not gonna either. I'm not saying it's not possible for XBLA to have this. I'm saying CURRENTLY XBLA has not made room for that possibility.

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Fat Princess3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Why not?

I highly recommend Burnout Paradise to anyone that's into arcade racers. Can't wait for the bikes and night settings. They're bringing us trophies too. ^__^ I love Criterion.

flambeau3771d ago

So will it launch on the greatest hits this fall to?

Megaton3771d ago

Not sure if it's set to become a GH right now, but it's already $30. Picked it up last week myself, fun game.

Nitrowolf23771d ago

i'll download it
i mean its 40bucks in storeright now right? 30 bucks is just a beter price. kind of strange. I hope it supports trophies by then

mfwahwah3771d ago

? It's been $30 at Best Buy and Gamestop. Probably in more places as well.