Sky News Reports Gaming Companies go to Iceland to cool off their servers

Sky News reports that Gaming Servers and Internet companies should go to Iceland and cool of their servers in a more eco friendly way.

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963d ago
-Foxtrot963d ago

I thought only Mums went to Iceland

Erik7357963d ago (Edited 963d ago )

Well I go there every year cause my family Icelandic :D

-Foxtrot963d ago

Wish mine was then I could have all the freezer food I want

Gambit_the_White963d ago

Lol. Born and raised in Iceland. It's not as cold as the name suggests. It's actually quite nice. We get mild winters and the summers are pretty hot, some days the sun is absolutely unbearable.

ChronoJoe963d ago

Iceland is a frozen food supermarket in the UK. I feel that remark, understandably went over their heads, Foxtrot.

963d ago
Donnywho963d ago

I thought Iceland was green and Greenland was full of ice.

MrBitch962d ago

^ I was thinking the same thing xD. Iceland and Greenland were named like that to confuse viking and protect the lands.