10 of the biggest, coolest open-world games ever made

The video gaming industry has seen a good number of open-world titles throughout the years, and while it may seem as if each new game to come out is almost bound to be larger than the one before it, you may be surprised to know that there have been some open world from way back when, that are still casting their ginormous shadow over newer titles like Skyrim or, indeed, GTA V.

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iplay1up21060d ago

I agree with most,but Xenoblade X should be on the list. Period!

1060d ago
SolidGear31059d ago

Fallout 3 was the first open world rpg I played when it came out and I absolutely love it. In fact, Fallout is one of the few open world series I enjoy.

vanity291059d ago

Sleeping dogs, dragons dogma, xenoblade chronicles x... Cmon son how'd you fail to add them, especially xenoblade. That games world is by far the most interesting one i've seen.

il-JumperMT1059d ago

Lol Skyrim? Really?

What about MORROWIND

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