OXM Online: Fable 2 Preview - It's Hero Time

Kieron Gillen from OXM Online writes:

"We're about to go hands-on with Fable II. Designer Peter Molyneux passes us the controller. The game starts, and we're thrown into a city; Dickens with a fantasy twist. The street-urchin child who'll eventually grow into a hero stands alongside his older sister, Rose, gazing dreamily at a castle. Peter interrupts, stopping the game, speaking to Lionhead producer Will Braham: "Can we have a smooth transition from the first camera, back around the head rather than a cut?" He restarts the game. We carry on. A few minutes later, he halts it again. "Light on the bread-trail a little lighter." We continue, our nuggets of play interrupted by Molyneux's dictated notes for future correction."

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Meh. A crap version of Oblivion, i'll pass thanks.

thebigtarget13749d ago

fable 2 came before oblivion and they are barely similar

FCOLitsjustagame3749d ago

Actually the Edler Scrolls franchise pre-dates the Fable Franchise. Also, clearly, Oblivion itself came out before Fable 2. However, these games have little in common other then they are RPGs set in a fantasy land (like lots of other RPGs). The game styles are completely different.

Fable was awesome (if short) so I believe Fable 2 will be awesome as well.