Dr. Wily asks for donations in new Mega Man 9 intro

From the looks of the Mega Man 9 opening, we can conclude at least two things: Dr. Wily thinks people are pretty gullible in 20XX and a certain policewoman has apparently switched careers. In the 8-bit tradition of the rest of the game, Capcom presents to us the opening introduction to Mega Man 9. It is quite cute (or cheesy, depending on your POV) and filled with references, with our favorite being Dr. Light's warning to Mega Man: "Be careful out there! You haven't done this in a while!"

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Zerodin3776d ago

Chun Li is the news anchor!

Ozzyb3776d ago

I thought that was pretty funny as well. I get a kick out of cameo appearances in games, especially Chun-li!

ThatArtGuy3776d ago

Mega Orgasmic!!!

Old Skool Mega Man rocks the house! (Pun intended.)

Ozzyb3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Been playing Megaman since I was 5 (23 now). So yes, yes he does Rock(man) the house.