Fighting Games and Dead or Alive

Fighting games aren't as popular as they used to be. The 90's and early 2000's were perhaps the golden years of the fighting game genre. Arcades were still relevant in North America and mainstream publications covered these fighting games as extensively as any other genre. There was no shortage of releases for fighting game fans. From the usual Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to King of Fighters, Virtua Fighter, Tekken, etc... the genre was alive and kicking.

Unfortunately, as years passed by, the popularity of fighters waned. With each coming year, less and less new fighters released and even a juggernaut like Virtua Fighter was relegated to niche status. The fighting game that ushered in the 3D era of fighting games and spurred an upsurge of competitors died to all but the hardcore faithful.

Fighting games are still around. With the impending release of Street Fighter 5(as well as Tekken 7 and King of Fighters 14) stirring up excitement and more recently released(or re-re...

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DualWielding1084d ago

agree on the accesibility... DOA 5 last round is the only fighting game where I can play online and feel like I'm really playing... in Street fighter or MvC I try to play online and I'm not really playing I'm just watching helplessly as my life bar drains

alti1084d ago

That's what I dislike about many fighting games, if you're talking about being combo'd to death. Tekken is my favorite fighting game, but it's so aggravating to get launched (or defend being launched a billion times) only to be juggled until I hit the side of the level.

WheatBread1084d ago

That and those players that spam angel's and devil jin's lasers make me never want to play online.

WheatBread1084d ago

I get my ass kicked in all fighting games even DOA 5 when I play online.

SouthernComfort1084d ago

Online is usually for the more competitive fans of a fighter, anyway. If you're hopping online, be prepared to face skilled players more often than not.

That's not an indictment on a game's accessibility, but the nature of the game.

As to the article, I don't believe the genre is losing popularity at all.

Vhampir1084d ago

With the steam sale you can buy DOA5LR and all DLC for around $440. The more "realistic" breast physics are still console exclusive.

Matchmaking can take up to half an hour to find 1 match, if you're lucky, in all versions. If they spent half as much time on their netcode as they do pandering to perverts and weeaboos, DOA5LR might not be the ghost town that it is today.

pompombrum1084d ago

"Fighting games aren't as popular as they used to be."

Lol what? Both Netherrealm and Capcom will disagree with you there.

irgei1084d ago

yeah I thought the same :D

the first sentence in this article alone is complete nonsense... I would say it's the complete opposite. If you look at Japan (which most articles on N4G completely ignore, e.g. when they claim that the vita is dead again)they'd see that tons of 2D fighting games got released recently and lot of 2D fighting games are in development... Arc System Works games, those Dengeki Fighters, Shining Force)

heck, fighting games are so popular right now, even SNK went from mostly mobile games back to KOFXIV to get a piece of it :)

Fireseed1083d ago

Tekken 3 sold more than the entirety of SF4 and it's various editions combined. Let that sink in. Yeah, fighting games have decreased in popularity.

Flipgeneral1083d ago

Evo's view count continues to rise.

Too bad capcom was late (like, reeeeaaally late) in endorsing, sponsoring and creating tournament awareness for their own games. So sad, fighters could have been much more prominent today.

DivineAssault 1083d ago

I love fighting games.. Hopefully DOA 6 gets released with no censorship issues