Fable II and the confusing cross-property cash-in

This Fable II "suite" of software offers an authentic "one game is important to the other" kind of thing that we don't see too often, and it's hard not to admire what the games' designer Peter Molyneux has done here. Even if it is a sinister cash-in to sell what amounts to petty mini-games as a $10 product, the rewards are both meaningful and suitably desirable for the final game. And that's why I'm now $10 and ten hours poorer. I suspect this isn't the last of this particular marketing strategy we'll be seeing, either.

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dachiefsman3775d ago

pub games are definitely overpriced at 800. Only 2 of the games are fun unless you like playing slot machines. I lost my A$$ for about an hour until I started playing in the tournaments.