Will Left 4 Dead fail on the Xbox 360?

Given the problems of Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox 360, ponders whether or not Valve will get it's act together on Left 4 Dead on the 360...

From the article: "Valve's Left 4 Dead, debuting this November for the PC and Xbox 360, is somewhat of a media phenomenon. It basically came out of nowhere about a year ago to rise to the cream of Valve's crop for 2008. It rose to the top for good reason. It absolutely rocks. It's like no other game I have ever played. It takes the cooperative first person shooter, adds zombies, perfects the controls and the cherry on top? An AI Director that will make sure that every time you replay a scenario, it will be a different experience.

This game has the goods. How can it go wrong?"

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green3626d ago

It will still be a stellar game on the 360 but i think it is a big mistake releasing this game just days before Gears 2.

King Me3626d ago

I think the graphics in L4D could use a lot more work,but the gameplay is reportedly solid so the game won't fail on the 360.

BUT,releasing the game days before Gears 2?Definitely going hurt sales.

power of Green 3626d ago

He didn't say anything about the graphics, you know what he was talking about.

FantasyStar3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

" 'I think the graphics' in L4D could use a lot more work,but the gameplay is reportedly solid so the game won't fail on the 360." -"I" is first person, "He" is third person.

He was merely speaking on his own expectations (speaking about L4D in general), not the observation of Sarcasticgamer. Gosh, PoG, you make it sound like it offended you personally.

rroded3626d ago

wouldnt say the graphics were all that too but looks like it will deliver where it counts with the gameplay.
might grab it on pc since i dont pay for live anymore.

MazzingerZ3626d ago

No one should release anything on the X360 that month. That's Gears 2 month.

L4D will be glitchy at the beginning and the classic day one patch will arrive and people will praise Valve for the great service without knowing that those patches are ready to ship before the game is out.

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ferdus-hutki-shira3626d ago

well its an FPS games and fps ins wer xbox is

dachiefsman3626d ago

depends on who you ask. I hope they release a demo.

solar3626d ago

Sony boi's say yes. 360 boi's say no. me, a PC boi, says no.

Common Sense3626d ago

I'm a Ps3 owner but I wish the game no harm but Newell needs to be b1tch slapped- Lazy fool.

solar3626d ago

so if someone doesnt like the ps3 he is lazy? ok, great logic there.

with the ps3's GIGANTIC 15 million user base Blizzard and Valve better start programming now. /sarcasm

Arsenic133626d ago

Wasnt the PS3 version a disaster? Why is this guy saying it was the 360 one? There are petitions to get the PS2 version to work properly. Sarcastic gamer needs to learn its facts before saying useless junk.

Fishy Fingers3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Yes the PS3 version was a disaster but the article is referring to Left 4 Dead, a game which isn't coming to the PS3. So talking about the PS3 holds no relevance to the article.

Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead run on the same engine. All be a slightly updated version, see now why the article mentions the problems with the 360 version of Team Fortress? He's using it as a reference point to validate his concerns about Left 4 Dead.

JSA-Gamer3626d ago

Tf2 on the 360 was a joke too, so maybe you should "learn your facts" before trolling.... Just sayin.

DJ3626d ago

I heard the 360 version didn't even have quicksave (i.e. Valve's lame version of checkpoints).

green3626d ago

@ DJ: The 360 version has quick saves, and you can also save anytime you want.

kinggeoff3626d ago

on 360 was fine. It felt a little empty with the lack of more ppl in the map. But it played just fine, and I suffered no lag. I rented the game on 360 to play with some friends, but had already bought the OB on PC (peggle ftw!)

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Zerodin3626d ago

Yup, tis true.
The only difference is that Sony droids don't think it can happen to them.

Common Sense3626d ago

"Every game has potential to go bad" Duh.
Lair, Haze, Bullet Withch, Viva Pinata: Party Animals, Rumble Roses, DOA: Xtreme 2, Yaris, Bomberman Act Zero

SpecialSauce3626d ago

we all knew haze would flop. i think the xbots will be the ones with their jaws on the floor when Too human flops..... BTW this game looks sick.

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