Video Gamer Reviews: Bionic Commando Rearmed

Video Gamer writes:

The original NES version of Bionic Commando is regarded by many platformer fans as being one of the finest examples in the genre: a frantic, ever-challenging shooter that blows raspberries at convention by scrapping the hero's ability to jump. Rather than leaping about, the players must use their grappling-hook arm to swing from ledge to ledge. It's a setup that requires expert timing to master, resulting in situations that can push even the most hardcore gamers to the limits of their concentration and patience.

While Capcom and GRIDN are busy working on a "proper" next-generation follow-up, the pair have also found time to produce Bionic Commando: Rearmed - a complete remake of the beloved original that retains the same map structure and mechanics, but adds some really rather sexy 2.5D graphics. In addition to the souped-up version of the main game, which can now be played in offline co-op, 800 Microsoft Points (not yet released on PlayStation Network in Europe) also fetch you a newly-created set of challenge levels, and a multiplayer mode offering deathmatch and a slew of other options.

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