GamesRadar: Bionic Commando Rearmed Review

That bionic arm would be a jump button in any other platformer, and is what gives this its, well, hook. Gaps in the way ahead are swung across, ledges above are clung onto, obstacles are grappled out of the way of and enemies are hurled out of the screen. Still, it is a little cumbersome to get the knack of before brushing up on the ancient art of pixel-perfect positioning. Charm, ROFLs, bazookas, top-down segments, big bosses and old-school frustration. A marker has been laid for its bigger brother.

You'll love:
- Uncomplicated, unabashed and fun
- Replayability through leaderboards
- Unlockable retro goodies

You'll hate:
- Almost too-tricky in parts
- Controls tough to get used to
- May upstage next-gen version

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Mao3776d ago

Goods: uncomplicated

Bads: too-tricky